Monday, April 26, 2004


Here's some Council information for Wellington artists and creative organisations, in case it might prove useful. First, I have been working with Council's policy staff to advance the newly minted Public Art Policy. This plan, once adopted and funded as a Public Art Programme, has the potential to impact on local artists and local landscapes in bold and interesting ways. At the below link, you will find the latest information, which was reported at last week's Economy & Arts Committee:

Public Art Policy and Recommendations

And, for anyone interested in public policy and the arts in Wellington, it might be of benefit to attend an upcoming Economy & Arts Committee meetings. The schedule is listed at the following link, and meetings are open to the public. In fact, the first 15 minutes of every Council meeting is reserved/scheduled for public input. This is a good time to say hello to the elected people, tell them you are part of the local arts community, and introduce your projects, performances, etc. and then thank them for their support:

Economy & Arts Committee Meeting Schedule

The full agenda from the last meeting, including all reports and hand-outs, is at the following link:

Agenda and Reports from the April 13 meeting