Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The No.8 Wire - Issue 66

Gondwanaland Ministry of Culture
Artists' Information Bureau


An Electronic Alert for 1225 of Wellington's Creative People
ENDNOTE: creative opportunities, classes, workshops, and gatherings at Wellington Arts Centre.

Manager, Cultural Portal

For a proven planner and manager, this influential role is the chance for high-level strategic input. A first-rate communicator with established networks and an affinity with the cultural sector, you'll thrive managing the day-to-day running of the portal and the team behind it. Whether it's strategic planning for the portal's continual progression or the establishment of marketing initiatives, your sound experience will see you armed for success.

You're a proven leader with significant experience in developing strong relationships with people at all levels. To back this you have strong understanding of publishing in a digital environment, not to mention considerable experience in the strategic planning and management of major projects.

See Job Description for this position (Word Document)*

Applications close 12 April 2006.

Please send applications to:
Vacancy 2006/02,
Rebecca Findlay,
Ministry for Culture and Heritage,
PO Box 5364,

Ph: 04 496-6359
Email: rebecca.findlay@mch.govt.nz



Cash Bar from 5.30pm for 6pm start, 7.30pm finish

Find out more and reserve seats at www.7x7nz.net

Ideas, Innovations, Solutions, Designs, Demos, Briefings, Provocations, Performance, Stories and Action Plans

Presented and Hosted by SweeneyVesty (Brian Sweeney), Blair Wakefield Projects (Jan Bieringa) and the Wellington City Council.

Supported by Wellington Convention Centre, Positively Wellington Business, Multi Media Systems

Come and be surprised, delighted and stimulated. 7X7 ran quarterly at e-vision in Wakefield St between 2000 and 2003, it is a engaging way of showing ideas, networking and sharing enthusiasm. This new series of 7X7 has been instigated by the Wellington City Council to showcase and stimulate an international focus for Wellington business and creative initiatives.




You are warmly invited to the opening of
Splice - new work by Victor Berezovsky
on Tuesday 4 April at 5.30pm at Mary Newton Gallery, 150 Vivian St, Wellington




Lord of the Rings, the musical, opens in Toronto and Takes a Beating from the critics




But there's hope yet for the inventive stage show...or is there?



Tuesday 4 April
Cuba Mall (outside Murphy's Irish Tavern)


Catch the action in your lunch break, as comedians aplenty will abound in Cuba Mall on 4 April, to mark the ODDFELLOWS NZ International Comedy Festival Launch.

Well known Wellington comics Steve Wrigley and Greg Ellis are eager to practice and share the benefits of "Laughing Yoga". After minutes of training the two have fine tuned their "laughing yogi" style and are ready to teach. In their capable hands volunteers and participants learn about the health benefits of laughter - once you start you won't be able to stop!

Many comedians who are involved in the festival will be present to savour laughing yoga delights and promote their own shows.
Comedy Festival Programmes and ODDFELLOWS mints will be handed out to onlookers and eager participants.

The Launch marks the release of the ODDFELLOWS NZ International Comedy Festival Programme. The programme is available now in various bars and cafes around the Wellington CBD. Be sure to pick one up today and book in early. Shows are already selling out!

Laughing is set to continue with the opening of the ODDFELLOWS NZ International Comedy Festival on 15 May - 3 June.

Wrigley and Ellis will be performing together in the Comedy Festival with "The Mullet Brothers Save the World...Again" (30 May - 3 June, BATS Theatre). Wrigley also has a solo show, "Geek Sheek" (1 June, San Francisco Bathhouse). Ellis is a well known improvisor from "The Improvisors" who perform 21 & 28 May at Circa 2. www.theimprovisors.co.nz




Following a sell-out season as part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival, King and Country will return to Wellington at Downstage Theatre in July 2006.

This powerful and evocative drama is based on accounts of ordinary New Zealanders during World War I. From the euphoria of sending troops off to fight in 1914 to the horrors of Passchendaele, King and Country interweaves stories of Mäori and Päkehä soldiers, nurses and civilians with treasured New Zealand war songs and Maori hymns, all sung to the accompaniment of a live local brass band.

Humorous, entertaining, and poignant, King and Country is written by award-winning playwright Dave Armstrong (Niu Sila, The Tutor, Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby) and was inspired by letters and poems written by his grandfather from the Western Front.

"Thanks to the sure hand of a seasoned writer, Armstrong's six characters take us on life-changing journeys... the thorough research (everything is sourced from first-hand writings), the needle-sharp insightful script and the absolutely authentic realisation of each character by the actors ensure we share their journeys with increasing empathy ..." John Smythe theatre review blog www.nbr.co.nz

In a New Zealand first, King and Country was co-commissioned by seven festivals: New Zealand International Arts Festival, Christchurch Arts Festival, Lake Taupo Arts Festival, Nelson Arts Festival, Taranaki Arts Festival, Tauranga Arts Festival and the Southern Lakes Festival of Colour. In each place the show is performed, a local brass band is recruited to take part in the production.

"This innovative combination of home-grown Kiwi reminiscing and local musical expertise certainly reached both mind and heart. Good lively festival fare that will surely be welcomed wherever it plays. In this production it is the emotional impact of the music and the simple directness of the players that sets the experience apart and marks it as a highpoint in the festival." Christchurch Press

"We are delighted to secure a return season at Downstage Theatre", says Producer Caroline Armstrong. "King and Country really resonates with New Zealanders so we're delighted to give the people of Wellington a second chance to see the show. "

Directed by Conrad Newport (Niu Sila), King and Country will also play in Hamilton, West Auckland and Dunedin in 2006. Bookings for the return season open at Downstage this Monday 20 March.

Thursday 13 July - Saturday 22 July
Monday and Tuesday at 6.30pm
Wednesday to Saturday at 8.00pm
Book at Downstage Theatre
Ph 801 6946 or www.downstage.co.nz
Running time: 90 minutes (no interval)


Mataatua Marae, Rotorua 14th -17th April
Four days of rodas, workshops, performance and discussion featuring teachers Mestre João Grande (Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande), Cabello (Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande), Professor Brabo (Capoeira Pasifika Mandinga Aotearoa)
The Encounter involves four days of classes and workshops for all levels, rodas and performances, discussions, and plenty of socialising!
The Easter Encounter is NZ's largest annual capoeira event. Every year Capoeira Pasifika invites international and local teachers of capoeira and related arts (such as samba, samba de roda, maculelê) to NZ to strengthen and inspire the growth of capoeira in NZ through their presence and teaching. Over four days there are be classes and workshops for all levels, rodas and performances, discussions, special events and plenty of chances for social down-time.
For the 2006 Encounter, from the 14th-17th April in Rotorua, Capoeira Pasifika has invited one of the world's most famous practitioners of Capoeira de Angola, Mestre João Grande of New York, USA. We are also pleased to host his student Cabello, an accomplished capoeirista and samba percussionist, on his third visit to NZ. There will also be our own teacher Professor Brabo (Grant Cole) among others.
Jambalaya, the Latin American music and dance festival is held the same weekend in Rotorua and, together with the Encounter, the streets of Rotorua will be transformed!
Price: $375.00
Discount (non-members) $325.00 available till February 28.
Prices include all meals and shared accommodation.
Email tucano@capoeira.org.nz for more information.







2006 Play It Strange National Secondary Schools Songwriting Competition Entry form and timetable can be downloaded from website:
Deadline Monday 24 July 2006


Invitation to premier of
m u i by katlyn wong
Where delusions collide in an intimate & vivid theatrical experience...
Produced by behind the nightlight for immediate release
BATS Theatre season, 6 - 13 April, Time 9pm no show Sun/Mon

The story: The shaking of a stick to determine ones fate, not a word or an action wasted as Katlyn Wong's imagination breaths life into detailing her characters and the world they inhabit. New Zealand's the land of milk and honey; migration has always been based on this promise of a better life. From China to Hong Kong and a leap of faith to New Zealand. The story unfolds from the small beginnings of the family business as it expands, reflected by the family's hopes and desires. This is the environment that mui is shaped a small girls dreams are punctuated by dramatic life changes and choices that that lead to a very different reality. As her treasures and culture are packed up in her toy box and she embarks on her journey. "Ever feel that your life is being played out like a movie watching the events unfold like a high speed crash towards its conclusion this is the story of Mui" Katlyn wong

Katlyn's emotional integrity as a performer, engages with an audience in a unique culturally enlightening insight into the background of this Chinese New Zealander. mui will be in Cantonese supported with subtitles and English, where language isn't a barrier to a Chinese speaking audience, or an alienating experience for an English speaking audience. This contemporary piece of theatre is for all kiwis, with its universal themes. Audiences can identify with and relate to her characters and their stories as we find commonalities and explore humorous and at other times difficult experiences. Katlyn's graduate solo performance 2004 at Toi Whakaari - NZ Drama School was a bilingual devised work that shied way from cross-cultural cliché and easy exotification.

"I came away from her show convinced that I had witnessed the future of New Zealand Chinese Theatre. Challenging, effortlessly bilingual, and ardently embracing the contemporary disruptions of ever-multiplying identity-these are the real 21st century Chinese women that we need to see on stage." Tze Ming Mok Auckland based writer recipient of Todd New Writer's Bursary and Editor of Landfall.

Lighting by Martyn Roberts - Maui - one man against the Gods for Tanemauta Gray. Nominated 10 times at the prestigious Chapman Tripp Awards for his work, Martyn has built a reputation for innovation; latest design is for Dr Buller's Birds for the 2006 Festival of the Arts. AV and visuals by Bret Skinner




The New Zealand Portrait Gallery
Te Pukenga Whakaata
and EXHIBITION 2006"
On Show at SHED 11
15 March - 17 April 2006,
Daily 10am - 4pm
Queen's Wharf, Wellington Waterfront
Admission Free







Some of us become aware at a young age that there is a fundamental part
of ourselves that is not the same as, or even complementary to, the social
norm. We feel our oddity as real as a swishing, flicking tail rising root-like
out of our tailbone. We try to tuck the tail discreetly between our legs, walk
normally, and nonchalantly conceal our screaming difference.

When we are alone, and no one can see us, we might strip naked and
admire our tail in the mirror. We might suspend ourselves from the chandelier
with it, and swing in gay abandon. We may run around the house preparing
cocktails and swatting flies with our magnificent tail. But the drapes are
pulled tight. The door is locked. The phone is off the hook as if eyes can see
as clearly down the receiver as ears can hear.

Others of us hate the realisation that they are a MISFIT. Rejected by family,
some of us, so ashamed of our bestial eccentricity, hack our tails off with
bread knifes, jigsaws, razor blades, and fragments of the smashed mirror.
Even following the trauma of this self-mutilation, a painful stump remains,
and more often than not the tail defiantly grows back stronger and more
difficult conceal.

The MISFIT exhibition at Pataka is presented by a group of artists who all
have tails. Some have only little tails like rabbits; others have huge sleek
ones like panthers or peacocks. We have come to accept our difference, and
celebrate it.

In preparation for this MISFIT exhibition, we have examined the favoured
social norm, prodded what is popular, and considered the argument for
conformity. We have observed the way the world around us is made of
physical pieces, a visual jigsaw of indicators and references. The MISFIT show
is dedicated to those who look at the world through kaleidoscope eyes, and
to every variant of the social misfit. It is dedicated to the puzzle that
irresponsibly misplaced a piece of itself, the banal object with dreams of
grandeur, and to whimsical malfunction.

Welcome to the MISFIT show. We suspect you belong here.

Siren Maclaine
Ph: 23330502
Cell: 0210478377

Melissa Young,
Jane Stevens,
Brigid Moore,
Siren Maclaine,
Hannah Bremner

13th - 30th April 2006

Bottle Creek Gallery,
Pataka Museum of Arts and Culture, Porirua.



Scream! The Vikings are coming to town...

A scream of a radio play will premiere on Access Radio on April 5th.
It is the first play ever written in New Zealand by an 'outsider artist' with multiple disabilities.

The play is a fascinating mix of fantasy, history and autobiography.
It is written by Amy Szostak, a remarkable artist who does not let her intellectual impairments stand in the way of her ambition to become famous.

Viking raids, rape, sex slaves, 80's pop idol Morten Harket, Edward Moench's painting 'The Scream', mental retardation and The Sound of Music, are only some of the subjects and characters that miraculously come together in this funky, crude and funny story titled 'Scream! Jorunn's Saga'.

Ultimately it is a story about Amy, an artist with a character so interesting that she could fill a reality T.V. show by herself.

Amy's knack for shocking her audience and using unsubtle humor without leaving a nasty taste in the mouth is a gift that is evident throughout the story.

The audio play is the result of a unique collaboration between artist Amy Szostak and art facilitator Marcel Baaijens. Amy created her story by drawing illustrations, composing songs and writing texts. She created the voices for all the characters. Marcel assisted with editing, recording and acting as a narrator.

"This will be an historic broadcast" says Marcel Baaijens "never before did New Zealand have an opportunity to hear a story written by an artist with an intellectual disability."

Art Compass, a charitable trust supporting artists with intellectual disabilities produced the play. It received financial support from the Creative Communities Wellington Local Funding Scheme.

The first episode of a series of four will premiere on Wednesday 5th April, 8.00-8.30 p.m. on Access Radio 783 AM. A repeat broadcast will start on Wednesday 10 May, 8.00 p.m.

For further information please contact Marcel Baaijens on 021-177.0181



Late Night Eccentricities
9.30 @ Cabaret, Chow.
April 6
Hosted by Marlene and Dietrich
Music by The Credits - TV theme tunes band extra-ordinaire!

kim Potter
Ciara Mulholland
Olivia Bryant
Thomas la Hood
Gabrielle Stevenson
Nick Dunbar
Patrick Davies
Tom Beauchamp
Maria Dabrowska
Opera Barbie
Gemma Gracewood
Jason Chasland



The Combined Textiles Guild currently has an exhibition on at the Taia Gallery.

'Boundaries.Limits.Edges' - contemporary textile exhibition
Taia Gallery
4 Bay Rd, Kilbirnie
10am - 4pm, 18 March - 9 April.

Marian Salmon
Combined Textiles Guild



Thanks to a Wellington-based arts patron, the Arts Programmes & Services office has been given an opportunity to turn a vacant former nightclub/retain space in Auckland's High Street into a temporary exhibition space.

We are currently looking for local artists interested in submitting their portfolio or samples of recent work, for consideration. The project will focus on new, emerging, and promising visual artists working in all media - and will offer an opportunity to show their work to Aucklanders. We hope to assemble the first group show in April - with the possibility of additional exhibitions to follow.

There will be an information meeting, for all interested folks, on

Friday 7 April
At Wellington Arts Centre
61 Abel Smith Street
Please RSVP to arts@wcc.govt.nz

Proposals from curators and collectives are also encouraged. For more information, or if you are interested but cannot attend the 7 April meeting, please contact

Eric Holowacz, Arts Programmes & Services Manager
Wellington Arts Centre



See what's on, and inside...


326 Lambton Quay, Basement
New Zealand

Open 11-6pm Tues-Fri 11-4pm Sat; or by appointment



New Zealand’s largest chamber music presenter, Chamber Music New Zealand has implemented a number of new technologies into its marketing campaign over the last four years to encourage more young people to enjoy chamber music. This year, CMNZ has introduced a few changes to its website to help make it easier for secondary school students to get involved.

Last year, a record number of 562 groups, involving over 2,000 students nationwide, entered the New Zealand Community Trust Chamber Music Contest. The contest is New Zealand’s longest running music contest of its kind for secondary school students, and is organised by Chamber Music New Zealand.

CMNZ recognises that times have changed since the contest was established 41 years ago, and that a large percentage of secondary school entrants are now more likely to source information via the Internet rather than through the mail or their music teacher. The CMNZ website receives around 1,500 visits a week, spiking at up to 2,000 around the time of the contest.

In 2004, CMNZ was awarded an Audience Development grant from Creative New Zealand to create an email newsletter for secondary school students. Called OEIn The Loop’, the newsletter was designed to inform contest participants about news, reviews and updates on chamber music events across the country. After its inception, a number of CMNZ supporters wanted to receive an email newsletter to find-out about chamber music events in their region. In 2005, CMNZ launched an additional version of In The Loop for music lovers and CMNZ subscribers.

In 2005, it became abundantly clear that more and more students were using the Internet as a tool to get the information on the New Zealand Community Trust Chamber Music Contest. This year, CMNZ hopes to encourage even more students to get involved by making it easier to enter online at www.chambermusic.co.nz/music-contest.

Recent changes to CMNZ’s website allow contestants to partially complete their entry and update it with further details at a later date. Another development enables entrants to complete multiple entries but make a single payment (rather than many single transactions). An automated response system has been implemented to acknowledge entries and an electronic receipt will also be sent to users who pay online. Hard copy PDF entry forms can also be downloaded from the website if information is needed quickly.




19 February - 5 June 2006

Michael Smither is one of New Zealand's most renowned and respected artists. His painting is often deeply personal and autobiographical, delving into the domestic landscapes and outside environments of his daily life. 'Michael Smither - The Wonder Years' - the first major exhibition of his work since 1984 - focuses on the incredibly productive period between 1962 - 1979, when the artist was living in his home town of New Plymouth. The exhibition includes Smither's well-known landscape paintings and works inspired by his domestic life and family, as well as key paintings exploring political and religious subjects. The works, with their jewel-like colours and smooth glassy surfaces, are a visual feast. They are also conceptually challenging, engaging the viewer with questions about environmentalism, ecology, faith and family relationships.

Sunday 26 March, 2pm

InnovatIve British designers Alex Rich and Michael Marriott are renowned for their quirky DIY aesthetic, often using found or recycled items. They have primary individual practices (Alex is a graphic designer and Michael a furniture designer), but regularly collaborate with other folk. They are in New Zealand to participate in artist residencies and exhibition projects in Auckland and Wellington, that include installing a 16.8m radiata pine at St Paul Street Gallery, AUT, Auckland. With a strong interest in "the connection between industry and design and in reaching out to a wider audience" they will present a public talk at City Gallery Wellington that offers an insight into their design practice and creative process. This talk marks their arrival in Wellington and the beginning of a week-long residency based at Litmus, Massey University.
Presented in partnership with the British Council. Their Wellington residency is collaboration between the British Council and Massey University.

19 FEBRUARY - 11 JUNE 2006

Patricia Piccinini is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists, internationally renowned for her provocative yet deeply considered practice. City Gallery Wellington is excited to be mounting Piccinini's first solo exhibition in New Zealand. Piccinini's work examines relationships between humans, animals and machines, between the natural and the artificial and the cross-over between these categories. This exhibition at City Gallery Wellington is a challenging, often dead-pan, look at the tangle of questions that surround genetics and biodiversity, and the interface between science and fantasy. Encompassing sculpture, photographs and video, the show includes Piccinini's major new body of work Nature's Little Helpers 2005; the video work When my baby (when my baby); two sculptures (Cyclepups 2005 and Truck Babies 1999) which playfully propose a stage of infancy for machines; plus a hybrid tyre/creature Radial, 2005 and major work The Young Family 2002-2003, which was part of Piccinini's presentation at the Venice Biennale in 2003.


City Gallery Wellington
Civic Square
PO Box 2199
New Zealand

Tel. 64 4 801 3959
Fax. 64 4 801 3096




The Performers Secret
by Bert van Dijk

This weekend workshop will introduce participants to the art of investing physical and vocal actions with feeling, intention and imagination. It is suitable for singers, dancers, actors, directors and acting, dance & voice teachers.

The physical and vocal actions of the performer can be seen as the vessel of a performance. It is the performer's secret how to fill this vessel with content or quality.

Participants will learn how to exercise their will to create precision and clarity in their action. This is a prerequisite for the vessel to be able to contain the various qualities.

In order to create content, participants will learn how to develop Presence and they will gain access to their physical and imaginative resources in order to evoke feeling (Atmosphere), intention (Archetypal Gesture) and quality of being (Beauty).

During this process the Four Brothers of Ease, Form, Beauty and Wholeness will be introduced. Participants are asked to learn for use as a working text a piece of poetic language (app. 200 words) absolutely by heart.

Bert van Dijk is a theatre director and pedagogue of international repute, who has directed numerous productions in a great variety of genres: classics, devised theatre, mime, physical theatre, bi-cultural, inter-cultural, musical, community and outdoor theatre.

He has developed his own unique approach to acting and voice, drawing from Michael Chekhov, Roy Hart Theatre, Enrique Pardo, Eugenio Barba, Grotowski, Decroux and Japanese Noh and Butoh.

Dates: April 22 & 23, 2006
Times: 10.00 - 4.00
Venue: Tararua Tramping Club
Mt Vic., Wellington
Cost: $100.00 / $140.00 ($50 deposit)
Booking: 04 - 233 2090






Five new sculptures, worth $850,000, will make 2006 a record year for Wellington's public art.
SkyBlues, a $220,000 modern artwork by Bill Culburt, is the second new significant piece in as many weeks. Its spiral blue neons will light up tomorrow. Len Lye's $280,000 kinetic work Water Whirler is now in action above the water near Frank Kitts Park. With SkyBlues and three more installations planned this year, this is the city's biggest year for public art, Wellington Sculpture Trust chairman Neil Plimmer says. "Putting up five is without precedent and unlikely to be equalled again for a long time."
SkyBlues' seven upright steel poles and blue neon spirals are being installed at Post Office Square.
And "trees" of multi-coloured cubes turning with the wind will be the fourth of Meridian Energy's wind sculptures on Cobham Drive. Leon van den Eijkel's Urban Forest is worth $130,000.
Meanwhile Seismic - four 1.8-metre marble discs in geological designs by Louise Purvis - will decorate Victoria University's Bunny St campus. A yet-to-be-announced sculpture will go in next to the Museum Hotel on the corner of Tory and Cable streets. They will cost $100,000 to $120,000.
The money was well spent as it reinforced Wellington's creative identity, Mr Plimmer said. "They are New Zealand's finest works by New Zealand's finest artists."
Most of the artists had strong Wellington connections. Much of the cost was met by corporate sponsors and private individuals. "The majority is not ratepayer money, which is occasionally what gets confused," he said. Wellington City Council and subsidiary Wellington Waterfront had given $190,000 toward the works, budgeting $93,000 a year to maintain city sculptures.
Vandals attacked the $100,000 Tower of Lights neon sculpture on Cobham Drive twice last year, doing $4000 damage, but he said it was a rare attack.
Two more wind-related sculptures are planned for the Cobham Drive southern gateway area by 2008. And a large sculpture below Ngauranga Gorge, to mark the city's northern entrance, is planned for next year.


Acclaimed at home and abroad for its innovative and ground breaking productions, the Royal New Zealand Ballet is looking for someone to lead its marketing and communications. You will lead a team focused on developing and implementing a range of marketing, public relations, sponsorship and brand activities. Your focus will be strategic and tactical - continuing to build on a highly regarded reputation and profile, building audience and stakeholder support, and developing tactical plans for specific productions.

Excellent relationship management skills will be required, as will staff management experience. You will be tertiary qualified and have held senior marketing roles including responsibility for sponsorships.

If you have a passion for the arts and want to make a significant contribution to New Zealand's best supported performing arts organisation then we would like to hear from you.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 14 April.

For a copy of the position description, or to apply, visit our website www.powerhousepeople.co.nz and refer to vacancy 10777. For further information contact Annabel McCallum or Sue Watt on (04) 931 9444.



Monday March 20, 2006 in The Guardian

Paradise Now

The world was in disarray, shattered by the first world war and heading into a second. Out of this chaos came the modernists - a group of utopian designers with thrilling new visions of what the future could hold. But was anyone ready for this brave new world? Robert Hughes introduces the key players of modernism - and discovers how many of their dreams still survive

Modernism is a weasel of a word, whose meanings slip and slide. They always have. Not that one should use "modernism" and "always" in the same sentence. Nobody talked or thought about modernism in the middle ages - the idea of a battle between "new" and "established" cultural forms was not an issue then. Now it has gone completely the other way. Nobody, or nobody with brains, assigns a missionary role to culture. The work of art is just one more consumer product among others.

Modernism is something old that we look back on, not without nostalgia. Its ashtrays and dinner sets, the chrome-tube-and-leather-strap Marcel Breuer chairs, get revived and recirculated without comment. The idea of modernism connotes some kind of ideal and even quasi-official mindset. Seen in one light, it even suggests too much solidity: think of how the innumerable descendants and clones of Mies van der Rohe created, in their high, bland cliffs of steel and glass, the face of American corporate capitalism.
That certainly wasn't the modernité Charles Baudelaire was thinking of in 1863 when, in The Painter of Modern Life, he described "modernity" as an exaltation of "the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent, the half of art whose other half is the eternal and the immutable". Nor was it what Jonathan Swift complained of in a letter to Alexander Pope - the work of English scribblers "who send us over their trash in Prose and Verse, with abominable curtailings and quaint modernisms". That was in 1737, and was the first and probably the last time that "modernism" and "quaintness" were linked in the same sentence. The essence of modernism, to the early 20th century, when its lessons really began to catch on, would be that it was anti-quaint: clear, clean, stripped as a piston, dealing only in essentials. But by "quaint" Swift meant something more like "bizarre" - he wasn't thinking of picturesqueness.

Read more



Published: March 22, 2006
On a cool afternoon, just eight days before the world premiere of the megamusical "Lord of the Rings," the lobby of Toronto's 2,000-seat Princess of Wales Theater teems with excited young audience members. With opening night slated for March 23, they are here to attend a preview of the production, nearly five years and $23 million in the making. The buzz is palpable. Many have traveled from out of town to see the three-and-a-half-hour show and their hopes are high.

"We've heard the special effects are great," said Bob Files, who came to Toronto with his third-grade son Joey and about 60 others from the Kingsbury School in Oxford, Mich. Lined up at the souvenir kiosk, 16-year-old Bobbie Hembree wears a collection of "Lord of the Rings" pins and an irrepressible smile. She hails from Pittsford, N.Y., and is accompanied by her brother, parents and grandmother. They've had their tickets for two months. "I really hope it follows the book," she said, "and I'm interested in seeing how well they can adjust it to a musical."
It's not only diehard J. R. R. Tolkien fans who are hoping that "The Lord of the Rings" - which is directed by Matthew Warchus, and stars Brent Carver, who won a Tony for his performance in "Kiss of the Spider Woman"- will be as captivating a musical as it was a trilogy of books and movies.

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By Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Ryan Hartigan

BATS Theatre
4-13 April (no Sun/Mon), 7pm, $16/12
book@bats.co.nz or 802 4175

A surreal comedy where the best MAN wins.

Bill and Frank were competitive childhood friends who have grown up to become competitive briefcase wielding, suit wearing men. But where is all this macho posturing leading us?

Multiple award winning Canadian writer Daniel MacIvor's dark and hilarious social commentary on male competitiveness was a smash hit when written in 1991, and has recently gone through a spate of revivals since the start of the "war on terror".

"This is work that is crucially relevant. New Zealand has a core of violence and a confused masculine culture", says director Ryan Hartigan, "As a society, we have to ask ourselves whether we are responsible for creating this. We're all so busy competing with each other trying to be the best, succeed and make money, we forget about our family, our community and ourselves. NEVER SWIM ALONE is highly theatrical, cutting edge work. It's hilarious and universal in its themes, but it packs a punch that hits at the heart of the Kiwi bloke. What price did we really pay when we bought this image of the modern superman?"

Directed by Chapman Tripp Award winner Ryan Hartigan, with an exciting cast including Nick Dunbar (Insiders Guide To Love; King and Country (NZ Arts Festival 2006)), and introducing the fresh talent of Aaron Cortesi (Toi Whakaari Graduate 2005) and Alicia Sutton (Dronke Prize for Drama 2002).

NEVER SWIM ALONE promises to be a powerful theatre experience, and Theatre Pataphysical are excited to produce its Australasian premiere at BATS.

"This being a work by Ryan Hartigan's amazing Theatre Pataphysical Company, you must expect a few surreal twists. You can also rely on him to create visually compelling work that is close to choreographic"
- Capital Times

A Theatre Pataphysical Production
BATS Theatre
4-13 April, 7pm, $16/12
book@bats.co.nz or 802 4175
By Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Ryan Hartigan



Mum's Choir
25 March - 29 April
Mon/Tues 6.30pm, Wed-Sat 8.00pm
Downstage Theatre - Bookings 04 801 6946
By Alison Quigan
Directed By Catherine Downes
Musical Direction By Laughton Pattrick

Downstage Theatre invites you to a beautiful celebration of life, laughter, music and love.

"Funny and moving, true to life yet immensely theatrical ... a musical trip that takes you to the heart of your own personal experience of love and loss." - The Press




Forces of Nature is a sculptural installation by 3 Wellington based artists: Aaron Frater, Stephan Tevaga and Andre Brayne.

Forces of Nature opened to the public on Wednesday 29 March at the Wellington Arts Centre, 61 Abel Smith Street.

These artists are responding to and exploring the theme 'forces of nature' through a multiplicity of materials from wood and stone to contemporary manufactured media like paint and plastic. Frater, Tevaga and Brayne have been inspired by nature and by the evolution of culture in nature. Each artist is concerned with the expression of this through their language of art. By juxtaposing manufactured and natural materials the artists are exploring contrasting and similar elements within the material to express the dichotomy, if any, between culture and nature.

"I met Andre through the Learning Connexion. We decided to go on a road trip to the Wood Sculpture Symposium in Auckland, 2004. It was there we met Aaron Frater and decided to organise a group exhibition based on some kind of sculptural installation." (Stephan Tevaga)

"My work has always been inspired by nature, it is a dialogue with nature, and I try to reflect that dialogue through form, two-dimensional and sculptural..." (Aaron Frater)

"I believe it is very important to pass on what I know through my art, so people can learn from it and enjoy it." (Andre Brayne)

For further information please contact the Wellington Arts Centre
Address: 61 Abel Smith Street
Phone: (04) 385 1929
Email: arts@wcc.govt.nz





BOOK NOW AT 04 3851929



Go here



Queers on Cue, "Being Queer and seeing good theatre has never been easier"
We've shaken the kinks out (well, just some of the kinks) and we're back and it's easier than ever . . .

Simple on line "hit reply" booking.

Special QoC ticket discounts for every show QoC sees at BATS.

After-show drink discounts at The Pitt for QoCers.

Opportunity to support local Queer theatre the new QoC Production Fund.

Get on the list, or learn more about QoC by emailing



Farsite - LIVING - Gallery &
Hutt Valley Community Arts


"Stepping Stones to a Dream..."

Solo exhibition by amie mccarron

10am-2pm Mon-Fri and 11am-3pm Sat/Sun

To Sunday 9th April 2006

Paintings will be available for purchase

Farsite - LIVING - Gallery
Hutt Valley Community Arts
8/193 Jackson St [Down Clock Tower-- Mall / opposite Petone Library]
Petone. [Car Park via Britannia St or Richmond St]

Contact for further Info
Gallery Co-ordinator, Tony Yates
Ph: 568 3488, Fx: 568 6553









Arts Channel are seeking film, short film, documentaries, performance and concert recordings and mixed media now.
Check out www.theartschannel.co.nz submissions



Call for proposals "Open Door" television documentaries 'Open Door' - the new 2006 series - offers you the opportunity to speak to the people of New Zealand.* Do you, or a group that you're involved with, have something to say to the people of New Zealand? If you're actively involved with an issue, be it social, sexual, political, family or whatever, a door is about to open again on TV3 Network Television. We are looking for people to work with for our new series For further information and to apply, visit www.opendoor.net.nz



" Everyone is an Artist" - Now What?
Free Public screening: Joseph Beuys' Public Dialogue,
Saturday 8 April 2pm at the New Zealand Film Archive

Exhibition, No. 10* opens at The Engine Room
Opening celebration 5.30pm 11 April 2006
12 - 29 April

The Engine Room in association with the New Zealand Film Archive presents a free public screening and discussion of Joseph Beuys 1974 video Joseph Beuys' Public Dialogue. Joseph Beuys' Public Dialogue comprises of Beuys first public appearance in the USA and his difficult attempt to explain his ideas to the gathered public. In conjunction with this screening Tao Wells, American, academic and Conceptual artist, will be holding a public discussion to explore possible meanings behind Beuys' famous assertion that "Everyone is an artist". Wells (b1972) is a Senior Tutor at Massey University College of Creative Arts and is the author of Learn Art: The Avant-garde and Education and The New Avant-garde: issues from art of the seventies.

This event will be followed by the exhibition No. 10* at The Engine Room Gallery opening 11 April 5.30pm. No. 10* will include the re-screening of the original Beuys video as well as new findings generated from the public discussion.
*Learn Art: The Avant-garde and Education. 2003 Available Massey University Library Collection.

Joseph Beuys (pronounced "Boyce") (May 12, 1921 - January 23, 1986) was a German Conceptual artist who produced work in a number of forms including sculpture, performance art, video art and installations. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential European artists of the second half of the Twentieth Century and was a founding member of the first Green political party.

For further information, interview enquiries or to obtain images for reproduction, please contact:

The Engine Room
Massey School of Fine Arts, Wellington
Access via Entrance C, Upper Taranaki St
Eastern Corner, Block 1

Opening Hours Wednesday-Saturday, 12pm-4pm
T: 04 801 5799 x6313
E: the_engine_room@massey.ac.nz

New Zealand Film Archive
84 Taranaki Street, Wellington
T: 384 7647
E: mark.williams@nzfa.org.nz



11:30am Saturday 8 April 2006
A group of four gardeners from Nishio, Japan will visit Porirua in early April to tend PATAKA's Japanese Garden. As a celebration of the garden's renewal, a nodate or outdoor tea ceremony will take place in front of the garden. The ceremony, often described as a 'mirror of the soul', will demonstrate the rituals surrounding the preparation and serving of the tea. Tea will be served to people who would like to experience the sweet/bitter taste of a 'moment in time.' Contact Brian Cross for further information: brian@linkplus.co.nz or ph: (04) 586 3145


The Friends of PATAKA are proud to present LIVE performances of BACH, TCHAIKOVSKY, MOZART, MENDELSSOHN, CHOPIN, WEBER and much more. This series of five very special Sunday afternoon classical music performances will be held inside PATAKA's galleries during the month of April. All events are FREE of charge, see below for programme details...

1-2pm SUNDAY 2 April
PhD student Jonathan Berkahan performs piano peices by BEETHOVEN, MOZART, MENDELSSOHN, CHOPIN, O'CAROLAN as well as some of his own original compositions. If you miss this one, you can also catch Jonathan on Monday nights at the Molly Malone's Irish session - singing and playing accordion.

1-2pm SUNDAY 9 April
Paul will perform TCHAIKOVSKY Rococo variations; PROKOFIEV Cello Sonata; EVE de CASTRO ROBINSON commemoration; and POPPER Serenade. He has recently completed a degree in music at Victoria University and will soon commence study with Raphael Wallfisch in Mainz, Germany.

1-2pm SUNDAY 16 APRIL (Easter Sunday)
The Elim Centre Choir will perform a number of different peices, including a litte SOUL, something FUNKY, a MELLOW peice, some three part harmony pieces and a few solos.
Nick Hunter, Zeb Wulff, Christiana Ell and Rachael Ell perform J.S BACH - Toccata from Partita no.6 in E minor ; WEBER - Concerto no.1 3rd mvt ; J.S BACH - Flute Sonata No.1 in B minor ; Franz LISZT - Concert study No.3 in D major ; Malcom ARNOLD - Sonatina for clarinet and piano ; Michael COLQUHOUN - Charanga ; and RAVEL - Scarbo from 'Gaspard de la Nuit'.
Christabel Lin (Violin), Sophie Bird (Violin), Nicholas Hancox (Viola) and Sarah Dobbs (Cello) perform HAYDN - String Quartet op.74 no.1 in C major and RAVEL - String Quartet in F major.



A bronze head of the late Michael King has been commissioned by the Friends of the Turnbull Library. Sculpted by Anthony Stones, a personal friend of Michael, the bronze will be formally presented to the Alexander Turnbull Library on Thursday evening by the Prime Minister, Helen Clark, to be held in trust for the people of New Zealand.

'Michael had a very close connection with the Turnbull Library, as a researcher and as the National Library Fellow in 1990, as a Trustee of the National Library, an exhibition curator for the National Library Gallery, and as a member of the Friends who featured on our programme of speakers and was a very loyal supporter,' said Rachel Underwood, President of the Friends.

'We thought this a fitting way to honour his memory following the death of Michael and his wife, Maria, in a tragic car accident, two years ago on 30 March, coincidentally, on the same date that the presentation will be made. As an historian, Michael worked in many fields to communicate understanding of our history, our society, and our possibilities as a nation.

'Michael King was the person who approached the Friends about commissioning a bronze of Janet Frame, whose confidence he gained during his work on her biography. She agreed to allow Anthony Stones to create the sculpture from life, and there is a wonderful series of photos in the Turnbull Library of Janet Frame, Anthony Stones, and the model taking shape. There is a line of connection between all these people that gives added significance to this presentation.'

The Michael King bronze will join a number of bronze heads of New Zealand writers in the Alexander Turnbull Library.

For further information, please contact
Rachel Underwood, President
Friends of the Turnbull Library
(04) 475 9394



Patricia Piccinini Website and Podcast enhances audience Interaction at City Gallery WELLINGTON
Patricia Piccinini - In Another Life City Gallery Wellington 19 February - 11 June 2006

In an innovative use of new technologies, Saatchi & Saatchi have designed an exciting website and podcast to accompany the exhibition 'Patricia Piccinini- In Another Life'. On the website www.citygallery.org.nz/piccinini users can navigate through a selection of key works from the exhibition whilst hearing Patricia Piccinini speak eloquently about them. As a special feature of the site, users can download these artists commentaries onto their Ipod to use as an exhibition audio guide.
This popular podcast gives visitors a fresh and personal perspective into the provocative exhibition. There is no need to miss out if you do not have your own iPod- City Gallery Wellington have iPods loaded with the commentaries for visitors to use while they view the exhibition.
Tom Eslinger, Worldwide Creative Director-Interactive/Emerging Media, Saatchi & Saatchi saw the opportunity to push a few boundaries with the show. 'After meeting Patricia and hearing her talk about her ideas and work, we concentrated on how we could share that very cool experience with people that would visit the show - how can we use interactive as a channel to connect people more closely with Patricia's ideas?'
This was how the idea of creating a podcast and a site based around Patricia discussing her work took shape. Eslinger thought 'How can we use this exciting emerging media to convey ideas and emotions?-Something at the heart of the work we do at Saatchi & Saatchi. We're extremely proud and humbled to be part of such an amazing show.'
The podcast is available at www.citygallery.org.nz/piccinini or in the gallery.



Tuesday 4th April - 8pm
Acoustic Pioneers : Paddy Burgen, Lunarfish (violin and guitar duo) and Surya Dasa - songs from a pilgrim heart

Wednesday 5th Arpil
The Nick van Dijk Ensemble

Thursday 6th April - 9pm
Simon Coomber, Ryan Prebble and Tessa Rain

Friday 7th April - 10 pm
Thought Creature, Ditzy Squall, Goodbye Galaxy, Alpha Noise

Saturday 8th April - 10pm
Birchville Cat Motel (only nz show of 2006), Netherdawn, Seht and Ben Spiers

Later in April look out for Wings of Vengance, Zombie Prom Night, Hikoikoi Reserve and Omelcha Supreme

corner Vivian and Tory Streets
PO Box 9069
New Zealand
+64 4 384 1965




A Celebration Of Greater Wellington
Fisher Fine Arts Gallery
30 March 2006 to 18 April 2006

Celebration of Greater Wellington explores New Zealand's political and cultural capital through the eyes of ten New Zealand artists. Celebrating our first birthday, Fishers Fine Arts in Wellington could not think of a more appropriate theme than a celebration of the city that has been so welcoming. Celebration Of Greater Wellington explores the spirit of Wellington and its natural surroundings; from a montage of the city's most iconic landmarks to scenes of suburban hillsides and wind blown coastlines. The beauty and excitement of Wellington is captured in artworks inspired by the bustling streets, shimmering marinas, quiet beach strolls, city nightlights, vibrant music scene and the excitement of Wellington Cup Day. Wellington's political bearing is referred to in works that allude to the unforgiving nature of this role, furthermore this exhibition includes artworks that are loaded with symbols that question the national and international political climate. The allure of Wellington has enticed these artists to pay homage to it and the varied styles, techniques, mediums and subjects of this exhibition all represent different ways of seeing and appreciating this unique city.




Historic pa find to be preserved on site
Wellington City Council, iwi, developers and the Historic Places Trust have come up with a plan to preserve intact remains of an historic pa site in central Wellington.
The plan, which involves redesigning the building to be constructed on the site, follows months of investigations by engineers and archaeologists and discussions between the parties involved.
Three ponga structures were unearthed at 39 Taranaki Street next to the Courtenay Place precinct during development work for an apartment complex. The find is believed to be part of the original Te Aro Pa dating back to the 1840s, and is considered to be unique since excavations rarely uncover intact Maori structures.
The Council's Culture and Arts Portfolio Leader, Cr Ray Ahipene-Mercer, says the redesign of the apartment building is a fantastic result for the city. "Everybody has put a lot of work into this project and the Council is extremely happy that a solution has been reached that satisfies everyone involved. The developer gets to complete the building and iwi preserve a key part of their history."
Cr Ahipene-Mercer says the outcome is a credit to all parties, including the Council, Wellington Tenths Trust, the developer Washington Limited, Historic Places Trust and government.
Tenths Trust Acting Executive Officer, Liz Mellish, says the option that has been chosen is the best result that iwi could have wished for.
"We are very excited about what has been achieved and are greatly encouraged by the commitment of the developer and the Council to preserving the homes of our ancestors. The agreement shows what can be achieved by working closely with developers and local authorities."
The developer's spokesman, David Dowsett, says he is happy with the agreement reached. Mr Dowsett says the building redesign includes avoiding the use of piling around the ponga structures to minimise the effects of vibrations. He says construction work could start in a couple of weeks' time.
Once the building is completed, the public will be able to view two of the ponga structures during the daytime seven days a week, with access to the third by arrangement.



No Moa!
By Greg Cooper
Directed by Rachel More

15 - 24 April 2006
11.00am and 1.00pm
Running time is 50 minutes
No Performance Sunday

Downstage Theatre
12 Cambridge Terrace

Cost $10.00
Bookings 04 801 6946 or

Help Sam save the last moa!

Sam goes camping every year with her Dad; however this year's trip is one she will never forget. When Sam finds herself lost and alone in the middle of the Craigieburn Valley, she can't believe her eyes when she finds . . . a real live moa!

The chatty moa, or Tama to his friends, helps her through the long cold night. Sam promises Tama she won't tell anyone about him, but she can't help boasting about her extraordinary find. Soon all sorts of people are hunting for Tama, who is then captured to be the star attraction in the horrible Caged Creature Emporium.

Sam knows it's up to her to rescue him. With the help of a snoopy newspaper reporter, a very hungry tiger and members of the audience, she sets about freeing the last moa.

A charming and toughly kiwi take on the 'the boy who cried wolf' tale, based around the media circus that occurred when a Craigieburn Valley hotel owner "saw a real moa" in 1995.

Writer Greg Cooper started his professional theatre career 15 years ago as a member of The Court Jesters, the improvised theatre component of The Court Theatre in Christchurch. Adapting his comedic talents to writing for children's theatre came naturally. "It's a very rewarding experience; I particularly love adapting traditional morality tales into stage productions and incorporating modern references that the children can relate to". He also appeared as a featured Fawn for the Disney film The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

This enchanting and energetic school holiday show is recommended for all kids aged 4 -11.



'Sally can See'
New works on and with paper, by Sally Hughes

A group show of works on paper by Wellington Artists

Opening 6th April at 5.30pm, running till 15th April

'Sally can See' is an exploration of looking, seeing, and drawing as a record.
Sally was born with a rare visual impairment which leaves her with tunnel vision, short sightedness, an extreme sensitivity to light and an inability to recognise some colours. Sally's drawings can be seen as a way of exploring her world, of tracing the visible with charcoal, and exploring the invisible with colours which speak of the gulf between the artist's vision and the audiences, who view expressionistic vibrant use of colour. A persistent exploration of various methods of colour application has enabled her to use colour with clarity.

In this show, she presents works on paper, using both charcoal and acrylics. Also on show will be some of her new works, which are works with paper, exploring it as a sculptural material.

Also showing is PaperWorks, a group show of unframed works on paper from Wellington artists. These explore the wide possibilities of drawing, with works ranging from dense mark making in biro and pencil by Timothy Leatigaga which resonate with some of the work from the recent 'Obsessive Drawing' show in New York, to large scale free form wall drawings by Athena Moisa. These works speak of the role of the body in drawing, where the firm press of a hand or the expansive sweep of the arm is revealed in the mark making which we are presented with.

For more information please contact Sian Torrington at;
ROAR! gallery, 1st Floor, 55 Abel Smith Street, 3857602 or 021 1080540, roargallery@paradise.net.nz

Gallery hours; Weds 11-5pm, Thurs 11-6pm, Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-5pm, Sun 12-4pm


Seminar Series at Enjoy Gallery
March 28 - April 7 2006

Drawing from the wealth of knowledge existing in our local arts community, a number of exceptional people are generously offering to share their experiences with you. Between March 28 and April 7, Enjoy will host a series of seminars and talks aimed at artists, art professionals, and art-interested members of the public. And that's you! So come along and be involved. Those interested in attending any of the free events are encouraged to register by contacting Andrea, at andrea@enjoy.org.nz

Unregistered individuals will also be welcome on the day.

Working with the Media
Friday 7 April 2 - 5pm

Speakers: Robyn Walker (aka Rockgirl) draws on her radio broadcasting experience from Radio Active and National Radio arts promotion;
And Mark Amery long standing arts reviewer from the Dominion Post addresses issues surrounding arts criticism and promotion in print media

Additional Events

Tuesday 28 March 6pm
Farewell Party for Inaugural Fan Emma Bugden

Wednesday 29 - April 7
Screening of Enjoy's Container Project from Melbourne's Next Wave Festival
Daniel + Nicholas du Bern
Against Nature

Thursday 30 March, 6pm
Room 103's Nick Spratt talks about recent projects

Monday 3 April, 6pm
Charlotte Huddleston from the Govett Brewster talks about recent projects

Tuesday 4 April, 6pm
Louise Menzies and Liz Allan with invited speakers present
Face to Face Observations on Art and Sociality

Wednesday 5 April, 6pm
Enjoy writer/publicist Jessica Reid reports back on Melbourne's Next Wave Festival

Thursday 5 April, 6pm
Stuart Shepherd gives a report on recent art projects in India and New York

Information Station
For the duration of the Interactions Seminar Series, Enjoy will operate as an Information Station. Nestled into a corner of the gallery amongst couches and cushions will be an area abundant with art books, magazines, articles, reviews, publications, and zines. Internet access will also allow for visitors to browse a selection of book-marked art-related sites. With a 'staff-picks' slant minus the pressure to buy, visitors will be encouraged to while away some time in the inspiring surroundings of Enjoy. Loans and donations still welcome!

Enjoy's five year retrospective catalogue is on sale now. Contact the gallery to find out how you can get your limited edition copy

If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from us, please reply with 'remove' in the subject line

Enjoy Public Art Gallery
Level 1, 147 Cuba Street

P: 04 384 0174
E: enjoy@enjoy.org.nz
W: www.enjoy.org.nz



Entries are now invited for the 2006 CBA Commonwealth Short Story Competition. There is no entry fee or form. Only the winners will be notified and entries will not be acknowledged or returned.
1st Prize: £2,000
All Commonwealth citizens will be eligible to participate in the Competition, and entries must clearly state the country of citizenship and residence. There is no age limit and entries can be from either amateurs or professionals. All entries must be in English and the stories must be original and should not have been previously published anywhere. The stories may have any theme or subject, but should not exceed 600 words (which should be 4'30" when read aloud). * Maximum 3 entries per person.
The deadline for receipt of entries is 1 May, 2006. For more information and the full rules check




The Landfall Essay Competition is being held again in 2006. The competition 'encourages writers to think aloud about New Zealand culture, and aims to sustain the tradition of vivid, contentious and creative essay writing that has appeared in Landfall's pages.' Writers are free to choose a topic of their interest, and it is anticipated that entries will provide commentary on a wide range of issues. Essays are to be original and fully developed works no more than 6000 words long. The prize is $2500 and a year's subscription to Landfall. The winning essay will appear in Landfall 212, published in November 2006.
Former winners have been Gregory O'Brien (1997), C.K. Stead and Peter Wells (1999), Patrick Evans and Kapka Kassabova (2002), and Tze Ming Mok and Martin Edmond (2004). Otago University Press, Landfall's publisher and the competition's sponsor, will accept entries from 1 May to 16 June 2006. Conditions of entry can be found here: http://www.otago.ac.nz/press/landfall/essaycompetition.html



Playmarket is accepting applications for the Aotearoa Playwrights
Conference 2006 until 28 April. The residential conference will be held from 17-24 June as part of the FUEL Festival of New Zealand Theatre in Hamilton. Alongside keynote speakers, festival performances and social opportunities, organisers are promising 'one-on-one sessions with leading dramaturgs and other practitioners, playreadings of your work, and work sessions on your play in facilitated group sessions, as well as on-the-workshop-floor exploration and presentation (if desired) sessions allowing you to get excerpts from your work or ideas up on their feet in collaboration with other practitioners. ' To discuss your application, apply, or submit your ideas, email scripts@playmarket.org.nz, phone 04 282 8462 or mail PO Box 9767 Te Aro, Wellington.



Arts Centre Gallery: A Recent History
The first twenty visual arts events or exhibitions at Wellington Arts Centre gallery, from July 2006 to the present...

1. New Paintings: Sarah Mortlock
2. Macro Asia: Aaron Beck
3. Snow Cave: Gabby O'Connor
4. Pacific Island Paradise: Kristelle Plimmer
5. Cuba People (Preview): Amanda Johnson
6. Outputsch: Michael Hawkins
7. Wearable Arts: Excessive Accessories
8. NZ Institute of Architects
9. Moa: Brandon Greaves
10. The South Project
11. New Paintings: Dee Guja
12. Wellington Paintings: Vincent Duncan
13. Wellington Arts Centre Art Sale
14. Light Impressions: Gina Jones
15. Threadbare (Group Exhibition)
16. The Mulana Project: Ray Mahabir
17. F69: Emma Smith
18. Love Birds: Linda Gilbert
19. Needles & Pins: Fashion HQ Designs
20. Forces of Nature: Stephan Tevaga, Aaron Frater, Andre Brayne


As the seasons change, three Wellington-based artists explore the theme of "forces of nature", in an exhibition that uses a combination of natural materials and manufactured products.

Forces of Nature opens at the Wellington Arts Centre on 29 March.
Inspired by nature, the artists are exploring its contrasts to and similarities with our culture through the juxtaposition of synthetic and natural materials. Wood, stone, paint and plastic are just some of the materials used in an exhibition that includes painting, sculpture and a combination of the two forms.
Andre Brayne first worked as a massage therapist before deciding to work with his hands in a more artistic fashion. Now a sculptor and painter, Andre wants people to interact with his art in a more sensual fashion, not always considered normal behaviour at a gallery. "With my work, part of the experience I want people to have is feeling the artwork. For me the surface isn't precious," he says.
A dialogue between artists which should encourage engagement and dialogue from the viewer is how Aaron Frater describes Forces of Nature. Aaron is an experienced artist and tutor and has appeared in countless exhibitions.
Stephen Tevaga decided at the age of four that he was going to be an artist. Self-taught, Stephen says his wish is to master both form and colour and achieve vitality and freshness in his work. "When I look at a finished painting I want to feel the energy given off by the brush strokes," he says.
Forces of Nature is on view at the Wellington Arts Centre gallery until 7 April.



Wellington Arts Centre Upcoming Gallery Exhibitions
Contact 385-1929 for information about Opening Receptions
(Dates and exhibitions subject to change)

Stephan Tevaga, Aaron Frater, Andrea Bryne
29 Mar - 7 April

Anne Hutton
9 - 18 April

William Hedley
20 - 30 April

Frankie Rouse
2 - 20 May

Andrew Ginther
23 May - 12 June

Sarah Thomas
22 June - 5 July

Alastair McAra
7 - 23 July

The gallery is located on the ground floor of 61 Abel Smith Street.
Gallery hours: 10am - 7pm weekdays, Saturday 10am - 4pm.
For more exhibition information check out www.wellington.govt.nz/services/artscentre/gallery



Acoustic Pioneers has begun!

On Tuesday the 21st of March 2006 Wellington's Acoustic Pioneers sang again, in their new home - Happy. The year was kicked off by Jessie Moss, Michaela Manley and Dre Lamb. Each performing original songs on acoustic guitar.

Every fortnight three performers will grace the lamp lit stage in this intimate atmosphere. A place where performers and listeners alike can delight in Wellington's unique musical and poetic offerings amongst cushions with open ears. Come and sample all things unplugged - string quartets, acapella voices, drum solos, spoken word and more. We aim to balance every acoustic pioneers evening by including both people new to the stage and old hands, in the hope that connections will be made. Fostering a supportive atmosphere to celebrate each other's talents.

We envisage an environment supportive to Wellington's creative community, to lay down the foundation that was pulled away and replaced with a bypass. A foundation that will encourage the exchange of idea's, information, and entertainment in the most enjoyable way possible -actively embracing and sharing our diverse talents with each other. Many of Wellington's most interesting characters that the city prides itself on, the one and only 'creative capital' have been displaced, inevitably, due to the construction of the inner city bypass. We have been forced out, no longer do we live within walking distance of each other's houses, performance venues, or community spaces. We cannot let a road stop us, whether it's taken our house, work place, studio or park. Let us gather together to show we will continue to flourish as a creative community. Building on these foundations again.

If you are a performer interested in playing, or just want to come along to check it out, to contact Jessie Moss at acousticpioneers@gmail.com or ph 027 600 8515

Or, if you are interested in delivering newsletters, volunteering on the door, or simply listening to get in contact with Gina Moss at acousticpioneers@gmail.com or ph 021 067 1625

Feel free to pass this message along to anyone who you think may be interested.


Seeking expressions of interest from artists who wish to exhibit in the Global Eye Exhibition
27th July to the 13th August 2006

In August 2004, the inaugural Global Eye exhibition was held at Turnbull House as part of Conservation Week. Conservation Week is a nation-wide event held annually by the Department of Conservation to highlight our environment. Global Eye featured works by eleven artists from eleven cultural backgrounds and gave the artists the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings on the environment, and how their cultural roots lend shape to their perspective.

This year we have sought a larger, higher-profile venue to involve more exhibiting artists in Global Eye and to attract a wider and larger audience. Global Eye will showcase art which looks at the environment from a multitude of cultural perspectives, explored through a variety of artistic mediums, provoking thought around what our understanding of our environment is and how our cultural influences contribute to this. In doing so we hope to lead our audience and local communities into taking action for our environment - to preserve and restore it.

Where will the exhibition take place and when?

The exhibition will take place from the 27th July to the 13th August 2006, at Pataka in the Community Gallery. Pataka is a high profile venue with x number of visitors going through its doors daily. A community education programme will be run in conjunction with the exhibition ensuring approximately x number of children will also have the chance to be exposed to your works.

The gallery will be open to the public from 10.00 am until 4.30 pm Monday - Saturday and 11.00 am - 4.30pm on Sundays.

On Sunday 13th August at 4.30 pm at Pataka, a closing reception is planned to thank the artists, to celebrate our environment and Conservation Week and to announce the winner of the exhibition. Dignitaries, invited guests, artists and their family and friends will be invited.

How to register your interest in submitting a painting

We are seeking expressions of interest from artists from the Wellington region, whose work would be 'ready to hang' for the exhibition or is a free-standing sculpture. Submissions of interest will need to be received by April 28th 2006.

The submission process is as follows.
If you are interested, then please email me at dairne99@hotmail.com to register your interest. Please put the following in the 'subject' area 'Submission of interest for Global Eye Exhibition'.

You will then be sent an email stating that your interest has been acknowledged and providing you with details of what you are required to send in submission. This will include:
* a brief on your cultural background and how this has shaped your thoughts, feelings and interactions with the environment;
* the approximate size of your work (both hanging and sculptural works should be no larger than 1m”); and
* a CD or photos of at least 6 pieces of your work.

As the exhibition is to be reflective of a diversity of cultural communities, we will be seeking representation of this. We will consider all submissions of interest. Selected artists will be contacted by email by May 12th 2006. Works will need to be completed and delivered to Pataka on 24th July 2006.

Style of paintings

There are no prescriptive elements other than the stipulating the artwork is a representation of your interactions, their feelings and thoughts on the environment.

Competitive element

Throughout the exhibition the public will be asked to vote for their artwork of choice. The artist who accumulates the most votes will be offered a week's creative residency on Mana Island, which will be announced at the closing reception. The package includes accommodation, travel over to the island and food.

Mana Island is an inspiring environment and has already served as inspiration for a number of artists. It is hoped that this stay will nurture the artist's relationship with the natural environment, and that as a result, the artist will produce work reflecting this.

We hope to find new and interesting ways to connect artists with environmental issues, and are grateful for your interest in this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.



NZ On Air audience research has shown that New Zealanders want to see more local comedy, especially sitcoms with characters and storylines that make us laugh. The Comedy Symposium last year also sent a clear message that NZ On Air should foster comedy talent and encourage comedy ideas that reflect the real world.
As NZ On Air develops its Comedy Strategy it is joining with TVNZ in seeking development proposals for a 'broad-appeal' early evening comedy series to screen on TV2.
Concept: A live action, character-based comedy series (think Two and a Half Men) or animation series that has broad appeal.
Target Audience: Primary: 18-39 year olds; Secondary: HHS with Kids
Qualities: PGR censorship, 7:30pm/8:00pm timeslot. Unique. Clever in tone and manner (think Scrubs).The ability to continue as a returning series.
Send your ideas in - we require at least two or three pages - and a subcommittee from TVNZ and NZ On Air will choose the best for development funding.
Proposals should be submitted to Tony Holden, TVNZ, PO Box 3819, Auckland. tony.holden@tvnz.co.nz by Friday 31st March 2006



Tim Nees Gallery
New Gallery at 2 Blair Stree

Wellington's prestigious Bartley Nees Gallery is set to transform itself into an exciting new artspace - the Tim Nees Gallery.

"The new gallery will remain committed to the promotion and development of high quality work by emerging and established artists working in New Zealand," says owner Tim Nees.

Artists represented by the gallery operate in a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installation and video.

"The artists represented are all serious practitioners whose work will be of interest to a wide range of both public and private collectors. Many of the artists have been showing with the former gallery, but the Tim Nees Gallery will be introducing a number of new artistsnot seen before in Wellington. "says Nees.

Nees also runs the adjunct space, SOFA (Society of Fashion and Art) which will showcase top New Zealand designers.
Nees is excited about his new ventures and confident that they will add to the vibrancy of the arts and fashion scene in the capital.

"With my architecture, the art, and now fashion, all located in Blair Street, I envisage an exciting and successful future."

The Tim Nees Gallery opens on Saturday 1st April, with a floor talk by Sydney-based photographer Rebecca Shanahan launching the opening of her first New Zealand solo exhibition.

New Zealand-born Shanahan has been based in Australia since 1988 and has widely exhibited photographic, sculpture and installation work throughout Australia. Shanahan's work exhibits a quiet tension between interior and exterior, foreground and background, light and dark. She describes people and spaces with a sensibility that merges with the cinematic.

"A central aim of this work is to invoke photography's relationship with absence and transience," states Shanahan.

"It expresses stillness rather than action in circular or simultaneous rather than linear time."

For more information, please contact:
Nichola Clark
+64 4 801 9795 or +64 4 801 9880
fax +64 4 801 9196

or tim@newworkstudio.co.nz



The 2006 Date Palm Film Festival will be held in September in Wellington and either or both of Auckland & Christchurch, this will depend on funding and support. The Date Palm Film Festival deputed in Wellington in 2003 at the Paramount Theatre. The Festival aims to bring to New Zealand some of the best films available from Morocco to Iran, both feature and documentary.

David Parmenter and myself recently attended film festivals in Dubai and Tehran, viewing films for the 2006 Festival. We are very excited about the films we have short-listed.

Wellington dates are 6-13 September 2006, Paramount.

Films from the Date Palm region currently showing

"From Beirut to Bosnia " featuring Robert Fisk on the Middle East, if you haven't already got a ticket for his film screening on Sunday you'd better get down to the Paramount ASAP.

"Paradise Now" at Rialto straight from the Oscars

"Turtles can Fly" at the Lighthouse

Nadra Zarifeh
Festival Director
Date Palm Film Festival
Cultural Awareness Trust
PO Box 11-494



A new organisation for the promotion of participatory music-making in the Wellington area.

West African Palm Drumming
Weekly classes in djembe techniques and authentic West African rhythms.
An ideal way to de-stress or enliven yourself after work in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Participants can borrow a drum at the class if they do not have their own, Drum are also available for purchase.

Drummers will have opportunities for performance accompanying the Wellington Community Choir.

Venue: Newtown Community Centre (corner of Rintoul St)
Day: Thursday
Beginners: 5:30-6:30
Intermediate: 6:30-7:30
Cost: $5 per class
Tutor: Julian Raphael.
For more information: communitymusic@xtra.co.nz or 021 076 7570

Wellington Community Choir
An all-comers choir specialising in music from around the world. This choir, established in June last year, has already gained a reputation as an innovative and versatile troupe. Regarded by many as Wellington's friendliest choir, previous experience is not a requirement as the music is taught by ear. Included in the repertoire are songs from South and East Africa, USA, Israel, Georgia and the Balkans and there will be many opportunities for performance in 2006.

Day and Time: Wednesday from 7:15 to 9:15
Venue: Wesley Methodist Church (Taranaki St)
Cost: $5 ($4 un-waged) per week.
Leader: Julian Raphael.
For more information: communitymusic@xtra.co.nz or 021 076 7570



The AMP Scholarship Programme was established in 1998 and since that time over 50 Scholarships have been awarded to ordinary New Zealanders who are achieving extraordinary things.
Previous recipients range from glass artists and scientists to ballet dancers and actors. However, the one thing each of these individuals has in common is a determination to turn their dreams into reality.
The AMP Scholarship Programme rewards those with courage, passion, determination and commitment - those who aspire to live life to the full. They must not only have the ability, but also the ambition to achieve their chosen goal no matter what obstacles may be in their path.
Up to 12 AMP Scholarships of up to $5,000 are awarded each year and up to two AMP Premium Scholarships of up to $25,000 are awarded over two years. Premium Scholarship winners are selected from the AMP Scholarship recipients.*
Applications are now open for the AMP Scholarship Programme 2006. So, what are you waiting for?




South Project focuses on Latin America.
Symposium, exhibitions and workshops scheduled for October 2006

The South Project will be hosting its third Gathering in Santiago, Chile, from the 3-6 October 2006. Following on from the success of the Wellington Gathering, which focused on the Pacific, the South Project has turned its attention to Latin America, before heading to South Africa in 2007. The Gathering will feature a symposium titled Culture and Politics in Times of the South, as well as two exhibitions, performances and workshops.

The South Project is now receiving expressions of interest for participation in the Gathering. All submissions must be received by the 28 April 2006. Submissions will be accepted for potential presentations, performances and workshops in response to the themes of the Gathering.

DAY ONE: The first day examines the shift that has occurred in the twenty-first century, as old battles have been won and new sites of struggle emerge. Generations in exile have returned home, but is home now itself a form of exile from a real sense of place? What now? Is economic growth now the main priority of the south?

DAY TWO: The second day explores ways of reconnecting the world, particularly through forms of artistic practice that operate outside the gallery structure. Many artists have found dialogue between active audience and aesthetics to be an important framework for public engagement. What are the alternative forms of creative practice that enable art to make a difference in the broader society?

DAY THREE: The final day gathers alternatives together to consider ways that art can operate autonomously outside the market, independently of the rich prizes offered by the north. This is an opportunity to touch on the nature of south-south collaboration and to question the subsequent relationship of north and south. Where to? How can the south provide alternative forms of recognition to the fame of Paris, London and New York ?

Make the Common Precious - curated by Kevin Murray, Director, Craft Victoria.
Make the Common Precious is an exhibition of 'poor craft' featuring contemporary craft /object art by indigenous and non-indigenous makers across Australia. 'Poor craft' is a movement for the revitalisation of making through the use of found materials. It relates to the poetry of Pablo Neruda and movements such as arte povera and poor theatre.

Looking Sideways (working title) - curated by Zara Stanhope (Aus) and Danae Mossman (NZ).
Response and experience based artists from Australia and New Zealand focusing on notions of traffic - ideas, active audience, in situ interventions and site specific works with a local strong research component.

The South Project
@ Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000
Victoria Australia
tel. +61 3 9650 7775
fax +61 3 9650 5688



NZ On Air Innovation Initiative 2006

NZ On Air is seeking ideas from the production community for approximately 8 hours of innovative programming for broadcast on a national free-to-air network. Both TVNZ and TV3 are keen to support this initiative. A total of $700,000 has been set aside for INNOVATION in the 2005/2006 financial year.

NZ On Air and the broadcasters would like to see exciting, challenging and entertaining ideas presented in innovative and original ways. Proposals are invited from experienced practitioners, or new entrants may choose to take this opportunity to present their idea(s), or team up with an experienced producer. Proposals may be genre specific or mix and match or cross traditional genres. They may show old ideas in a way that enables an audience to see them as startlingly different or they may show new ideas in a tried and true format. The key question must be what is going to attract, satisfy and surprise a broad audience. Some criteria to keep in mind are:

* Originality of concept and treatment
* Innovative delivery of structure
* Exciting new use of technology
* Providing a new experience for a main stream audience
* Risk taking in the treatment of the subject
* Showing us, as New Zealanders, ourselves in a new light.

When screened (and archived) the programmes produced under this initiative will provide a fresh insight into New Zealand's current identity and culture.

Broadcasters are keen to encourage Programmes that can screen in a prime time, or edge of prime time slot. And Producers will need to satisfy NZ On Air and the relevant broadcasters that they can deliver on their proposal.

Proposals will be considered at the NZ On Air Board Meeting in June 2006. Submissions should be sent to NZ On Air and the relevant free-to-air broadcaster clearly marked INNOVATION 2006 before the deadline of Thursday 18 May 2006. Completed NZ On Air and Network application forms must be included. Send one copy of your proposal to the broadcaster and one to NZ On Air.

Proposals that identify funding from other sources will be considered so long as it can be demonstrated that the 'New Zealand nature' of the project is not compromised. Enquiries and proposals to:

Tony Holden, TVNZ, PO Box 3819, Auckland. tony.holden@tvnz.co.nz OR Kelly Martin, TV3, Private Bag 92624, Symonds Street, Auckland. kmartin@tv3.co.nz AND The Television Manager, c/- Teresa Tito, NZ On Air, Level 2, 54-56 Cambridge Tce., PO Box 9744, Wellington. teresa@nzonair.govt.nz

Last year NZ On Air received twenty seven proposals for its INNOVATION INITIATIVE. The proposals were considered by NZ On Air and the relevant broadcasters, TVNZ, TV3 and Prime Each broadcaster supported a proposal and after careful consideration NZ On Air decided to fund The Pretender, a mockumentary series based on the 2005 election for broadcast during the six weeks leading up to the election on TV3. The series proved highly successful and NZ On Air now takes pleasure in inviting proposals for INNOVATION 2006.



Footnote Dance to feature Raewyn Hill
For the first time, Footnote Dance will present a body of dance work from a single New Zealand choreographer - Raewyn Hill - in Christchurch (6 April), Dunedin (12 April) and Wellington (5 May).

Raewyn Hill is widely recognised as one of New Zealand's most innovative contemporary dance choreographers. Over the past five years, she has developed intriguing short dance pieces that have featured as part of Footnote's repertoire. This year, however, a single programme has been developed dedicated to Hill's work and created especially for Footnote dancers.

The Footnote Forte Season features the return of a Footnote favourite by Hill: "In time of flight" from 2003, performed to music by Nic McGowan. Described by Hill as a pure movement piece with no meaning and no message, "In time of flight" was inspired by Pablo Neruda's poem "To Sadness/II".

Hill's newly commissioned work for Footnote, "Here lies within", builds on her previous explorations of the obsession with physical perfection that surrounds us all in the twenty-first century, manifested through magazines, reality TV and plastic surgery.

Danced to familiar New Zealand tunes by Suzanne Prentice, Ken Lemon, Gareth Farr and Douglas Lilburn's "Canzonas", "Here lies within" explores the notion that society's pursuit and idolisation of physical perfection overrides the more important attribute of inner beauty. Hill's work promises to raise questions about what is acceptable, to set audiences smiling at absurd images of perfection, and to have feet tapping to those well-known melodies.

The Footnote Forte Season will be performed by the current Footnote dancers - Halina Wolyncewicz, Hannah Stannard, Anita Hunziker, Sarah Knox, Lance Riley and Andrew Rusk.

Footnote Dance receives annual funding ($240,000 in 2006) from Creative New Zealand for its programme of activity.

For Wellington and Dunedin bookings contact Ticketek. For Christchurch bookings contact The Court Theatre (Tel: 03-963 0870). Click on the link below for more information about Footnote Dance and the 2006 programme.



What sort of CLOWN are you? Find out on a 2 day workshop run by Aileen Davidson. Aileen has run clown workshops for over 25 years and worked with 100s of people from all walks of life. This clown workshop is for people who want to have fun; &/or want to explore the world of the clown; &/or want to develop their own clown for performance.

Dates/times: Sat 29th April 9.30 - 4.00; Sun 30th April 10.00 - 3.30
Venue: Scout Hall cnr Hanson & Stoke Sts
Cost: unwaged $80.00; waged $12.0.00
To register call Aileen on 973 7585 - or email: connaught@paradise.net.nz
but hurry-numbers are limited!!!!



McCahon House artist residency opportunity

The McCahon House Trust is calling for applications to the inaugural McCahon House artist's residency programme. Applications close 13 April.

Initial residencies will be offered to painters who are New Zealanders or New Zealand residents who have already received critical acclaim for their work and who are committed to a career as a professional artist.

Artists will receive accommodation in a fully furnished architecturally designed and purpose built two bedroom house adjacent to the restored McCahon cottage in French Bay, Titirangi along with exclusive use of the adjoining studio. Lopdell House Gallery will provide administrative support throughout the term of the residency. There will be opportunity to hold open days or give talks at the gallery and to have an exhibition or visual presentation at the conclusion of the residency. A stipend will be paid to the artist.

The closing date for applications is 5pm, Thursday 13 April 2006. For information and guidelines contact Penny Dever (Email: penny.dever@xtra.co.nz Tel: 09-817 9202). The application form and guidelines can also be downloaded from the residency section of the McCahon House Trust website (www.mccahonhouse.org.nz).










In 2004, in response to the recommendations made in "An Object Future", Creative New Zealand's strategy for prioritising its investment in the professional contemporary craft/object sector (2003 - 2005), Creative New Zealand established this Craft/Object Art Fellowship. The Fellowship has been established initially as an annual award for its first three years (2004 - 2006) and after this it will be offered biennially. As such, Creative New Zealand is now calling for applications from mid-career and senior practitioners (makers, curators and/or writers) for the third fellowship, in 2006.

Please note: In recognition of the fact that contemporary craft practice is also described by the term object art, a dual title for this artform sector is used by Creative New Zealand. The genres it refers to are those generally described as applied arts and includes, but is not confined to: pottery/ceramics, jewellery, cast or blown glass, weaving/textiles, furniture design.

Value of the Fellowship

A total of NZ$65,000 is available. This amount is to be used by the Fellowship recipient over a 12-month period. Payment will be made in two equal instalments of $32,500. The first instalment will be paid at the commencement of the Fellowship with the next instalment paid upon receipt of a progress report by the recipient midway through the Fellowship year.


Applicants for the fellowship will be able to demonstrate
* An established and strong national reputation in the Craft/Object Art sector
* Critical acclaim for the work they have produced to date
* They have completed, in their career thus far, a body of work of acknowledged artistic excellence

Applicants must be:
* A New Zealand citizen or resident

Applicants cannot be:
* Employees of Creative New Zealand
* Members of the Creative New Zealand Council, Arts Board, Te Waka Toi Maori Arts Board or the Pacific Arts Committee

Educational projects

Projects that are part of an educational programme, or project work that would count towards the attainment of an educational qualification will not be eligible for consideration.
Selection process

Creative New Zealand invites external assessors to assist with the decision-making process, which will take place in May/June 2006. Applicants will be notified of the decision shortly thereafter.

Announcement of the Fellowship

The successful applicant will be notified by telephone and by letter.

Making an application

Applicants must provide:
* A full CV
* Evidence to demonstrate you meet each of the criteria
* Commentary about the reasons for applying for the Fellowship and what the anticipated benefits to your practice would be of having the Fellowship

If there is a particular project that you want to undertake during the course of the Fellowship year, this should also be outlined in your application. However, emphasis will be placed on the track record of the applicant and the quality of the work they have produced to date.

Please supply 2 copies of your application and any support material pertaining to the application.

Support Material

Support material can include a range of information such as images of your work, publications and/or exhibition catalogues that include your work, other critical writing about your work (e.g. reviews and journal articles) and letters of support.

Please do not send originals. Images can be sent in a range of formats, for example slides, photographs, laser copies, CDs/DVDs (please note that assessors generally prefer hard-copy print images included as part of the application because they provide an instant visual prompt).

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications is 5.00pm Friday 28 April, 2006.

Where to send your application

Please send your application by post or courier to the Wellington office of Creative New Zealand by 5.00pm on the closing date, addressed to:

Craft/Object Art Fellowship 2006
Creative New Zealand
P O Box 3806
Old Public Trust Building
131-135 Lambton Quay
Attn: Elizabeth Caldwell

Ineligible applications

Please note that incomplete, late, faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted.

Further information and queries

Please direct any enquiries to:
Arts Adviser, Visual Art & Craft/Object Art
Creative New Zealand
Phone +64 4 4980 737


Percussion and Dance Immersion Courses
Jambalaya Festival
Rotorua ... EASTER



The Wellington City Council Arts Programmes & Services Office now has a place of its own at the new Wellington Arts Centre. The small level one space, formerly Studio 8, has been converted into the Arts Office, and is now open for any and all creative traffic.

If you are looking for grants information, want to develop a partnership, are looking for resources or a venue or marketing ideas...if you want to get involved in public art, murals, collaborative project...if you want to take a tour of the arts centre and network with others involved in Wellington's creative sector....if you need a PA, video projector, graphic design or printing, music rehearsal space, a darkroom, editing suite, sound recording...if you want to talk about your project and develop it further...stop by the newly established Arts Office, level one, Wellington Arts Centre, 61 Abel Smith Street. Ask for me, Eric Holowacz, and set a time to tackle any of the above.

Or try me at
or 04 385 1904

And thanks for making Wellington the creative heart of New Zealand!


Feldenkrais Practitioner

Learn how to help yourself with the Feldenkrais Method in 2006.

The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful tool that has helped thousands of people around the world since its development in the 1960s and later. It's used by athletes and performers, couch potatoes and the disabledSS.whoever wants to better understand how they function now, and who are curious about themselves and their potential in the future.


* At the Arts Centre, Abel Smith St, Monday lunchtimes, 12.05-12.55. From 20th Feb. $10


..help you learn how to relieve back pain, release shoulder and neck tension, free up hip joints, rediscover your pelvis and improve both your posture and actions.

.. can help you break habitual cycles of pain and teach new movement patterns that restore stability and mobility.

.. can help you achieve new goals in recreation or work, from enjoying gardening again, to improving musical performance or just plain getting a good night's sleep.

For further info google Feldenkrais and take a peek at what happens with this modality around the world.

Rupert Watson MNZFG
The Feldenkrais® Studio
@Ghuznee Health Associates

"Where mind and movement meet"

Ph: 04 801 6610
6/75 Ghuznee St



Shanghai Duolun MoMA offers two-month artist residencies for working visual artists. Applications for the 2006 autumn residency from 1 September to 1 November must be received by 15 May 2006.

Artists are provided with a private room in a shared apartment, a studio at the museum equipped with computer and internet access, and a stipend of 3000 RMB/month.






New Zealand artists have until Friday 19 May 2006 to submit proposals for Sculpture on the Gulf 2007, an outdoor sculpture exhibition held every two years on the coastal walkway at Matiatia Harbour, the gateway to Waiheke Island.

One of the main criteria for the selection of works is their appropriateness to their site, how they fit into the landscape, and what visual and physical connection and interaction they have with the environment.

All proposals must be accompanied by a signed application form and artists will be notified by Friday 16 June 2006. Click on the link below for more information and application forms.




The Jack Kerouac Writer-in-Residence Project is accepting applications for the Fall of 2006 through Summer of 2007 residency periods. There are four three-month residencies annually: September-November, December-February, March-May, June-August 2007 will mark the 50th anniversary of On the Road and Jack Kerouac living in the historic Orlando home on Clouser Avenue.
Jack Kerouac lived in this home at the time On the Road made him a national sensation. And it was in this home that Kerouac wrote his follow-up, The Dharma Bums, during eleven frenetic days and nights. The Kerouac House, as it has come to be known, is now a living, literary tribute to one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. Like all the other places in Kerouac's nomadic journey, he didn't live here long. But the home represents a critical juncture in Kerouac's life, when he made the transition from a 35-year-old nobody writer, to the bard of the Beat Generation.
Be part of history send in your application now. Deadline for applications is April 30 2006.

Application forms, click on the "information" button: http://www.kerouacproject.org/



Wellington Access Radio

Studio Recording:

Ever dreamed of producing your own radio show??? Well, here's your chance. Here at Access Radio we have all the facilities you need to produce, record and create your own show and even record 'live' to air!

If you are a musician, poet, singer song-writer...or you are interested in affordable recording studio time, or perhaps have an idea for a show you'd love to record ...get in touch with Wellington Access Radio for affordable prices at competitive rates. Have your say and get a group together to produce your own show. We offer a variety of rates to hire the studios for programming or pre-recording with group/membership rates and individual rates available.

Please call us PH: 3857210 or email info@accessradio.org.nz




Stella Robertson
2 day workshop. Saturday 22nd and Saturday 29th of April
10am till 4pm, $150

Learn to use a variety of craft materials to funk up existing items of clothing or soft furnishings with contemporary decorative techniques. An introduction to fabric choices and colour will lead to directed experimentation with simple hands-on processes. Needle and thread experience not essential. Step by step instructions are given by an experienced art and design tutor. Some materials provided, call to discuss.

Sign up now: 021 0234 6834



Black Milk
by Douglas Wright Dance

Black Milk is an exploration of the boundaries of love, fear and memory by acclaimed choreographer Douglas Wright. Passionate physicality, teasing mystery and earthy black humour are combined to spectacular effect.

The first major new work from iconic choreographer Douglas Wright since 2002, Black Milk showcases the awe-inspiring talents of some of New Zealand's leading contemporary dancers: Craig Bary, Sarah-Jayne Howard, and Clare O'Neil (all return from successful international careers to perform), Helaina Keeley, Tai Royal, Alex Leonhartsberger, and Jessica Shipman.

The premiere of Black Milk will be accompanied by the release of Douglas Wright's new book - Terra Incognito (Penguin Books NZ). Signings at all venues.

Black Milk 2006 Performances:
Invercargill - Civic Theatre - 25 March
Dunedin - Regent Theatre - 28 March
Christchurch - James Hay Theatre - 31 March
Auckland Sky City Theatre 5-8 April
Wellington - Opera House 12-13 April

Book at www.ticketek.co.nz

For more information about Black Milk:



Pilates have begin at Wellington Arts Centre, with sessions on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30pm. Qualified tutor Katie Haines is a former Royal NZ Ballet dancer, and has certified pilates certificates from Oxford/Cambridge and Pilates Institute London. Flatten those abs. Strengthen that spine. Tone and stretch. Improve posture and breathing. Sessions are $10 per lesson, for a term, or $15 for casual attendance. Sessions are also available in Brooklyn, Karori, and Newlands. Contact Katie on 476-3771 to begin Piilates today.



Hi all
The 2006 NZ Affordable Art Show is well underway. Registrations have now opened for artists....

3rd NZ Affordable Art Show
3 - 6 August 2006

Our vision for the show is to see New Zealanders buy New Zealand art. To make this possible we need visual artists from all corners of the country. We need you.
You are invited to display and sell your art at the 3rd annual New Zealand Affordable Art Show. With over 7000 people attending the event in 2005, and more expected this year, it will be a great way to gain exposure and connect with patrons, collectors and first-time buyers.
All mediums are welcome to be exhibited and sold (with a few conditions of course). Registration closes 1 May, so check the website for details. Don't miss out!
Download a registration form from our website
or have one sent to you by calling 04 472 7652.

Carla Russell
Executive Director
NZ Affordable Art Trust
PO Box 11679, Wellington
027 244 8090 (04) 472 7652



Wellington Arts Centre has rehearsal space now available for theatrical troupes, musicians, small dance groups, and other creative disciplines. The three sound-proofed music spaces have just been completed and are ready for bookings by bands, instructors, and musical projects. Hourly cost is $6-15, depending on room and time of day. Other rehearsal rooms include several spaces for theatre and stage work, beginning at $12.50/hour. Enquiries and bookings can be made by stopping by 61 Abel Smith Street, calling 385-1929, or emailing arts@wcc.govt.nz





Archives of the No. 8 Wire are on-line at



To be removed from this email list...

To be added...

To submit contents, events, opportunities, or comments to contribute to...

Please send word to arts@wcc.govt.nz

Furthermore, send comments, questions, requests, etc to

Eric Vaughn Holowacz
Wellington Arts Centre
61-69 Abel Smith Street
Wellington, New Zealand



Spellbinding Opera Puts the Magic into Winter

A vivid and whimsical world of enchantment, filled with a colourful menagerie of hybrid creatures, terrifying ordeals, quirky comedy and glorious music, comes together in a single spellbinding experience for opera-goers this winter.
The NZI Winter Season of Mozart's The Magic Flute, presented by The NBR New Zealand Opera in association with Los Angeles Opera, is created by an internationally esteemed creative team and will be performed by an outstanding opera cast. Boasting acclaimed sellout seasons across the United States, this dazzling and stylish production promises to bring operatic magic to Wellington and Auckland during June-July.
Essentially a romantic fairytale, The Magic Flute tells of the handsome prince Tamino's quest to find the beautiful Pamina, whose image he has fallen in love with. During his search, Tamino encounters some mysterious characters: Pamina's grand but menacing mother, some watchful guides, a lonely birdcatcher and the forbidding ruler, Sarastro. With terrifying ordeals to be conquered, Tamino's magic flute may help him, but it is his own strengths that will be key.
Originally devised by one of Britain's theatre giants, Sir Peter Hall, for Los Angeles Opera, this production welcomes the return to New Zealand of American director Stanley M. Garner. Garner has already successfully directed and staged this production for major opera houses from Seattle to Washington DC, making his own strong impact on it to critical acclaim. The New Zealand performances will be sung in German with English dialogue, and English surtitles.
Regarded by many as Mozart's most irresistible opera, this production has been visually realized through eye-catching designs by renowned British cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe. Scarfe's most iconic images include credits for television's Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister; Pink Floyd's The Wall; Disney's animated feature Hercules and numerous sketches of politicians, royalty and showbusiness personalities. Venturing into the opera world with The Magic Flute, Scarfe has conjured up a wonderland where ancient Egypt meets art deco, including a transforming pyramid and an exceedingly colourful ark of fantastical beasts - such as a "crocoguin" (half penguin-half crocodile) - for the opera's hero to charm with the mystical powers of his magic flute.
"This delightful opera is about a quest," explains Garner. "It's a journey that the characters embark upon to find out what makes them happy. There are perils along the way, but they overcome them, and they find inside themselves what is important and triumph in the end.
"A wonderful aspect about this production is the ingenious hybrid animals; and the curious blending of fantasy with a story that is both a morality lesson and high entertainment dressed in a fairytale and told through Mozart's glorious music. Its appeal makes it easily accessible to audiences of all ages who can't help but get swept up in the journey and the magic that's unfolding on stage."
Bringing Mozart's tuneful and beautiful music into this confection is a strong cast of overseas and New Zealand singers under the baton of English conductor Alistair Dawes. Hero prince Tamino is portrayed by Australian tenor Adrian Strooper, who is a regular performer in the Opernstudio of Cologne Opera, Germany. As Pamina is the exciting young Australian soprano Tiffany Speight - also a trained dancer whose talents make her a star of musicals as well as opera.
English baritone Richard Burkhard sings the popular everyman role of Papageno. As the priestly Sarastro, is British bass Graeme Broadbent, a frequent performer in Europe's festivals and a member of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
The Queen of the Night - a powerful figure whose two dramatic arias scale the heights of a soprano's range - is Englishwoman Penelope Randall-Davis. She has been Queen of the Night for Rome's Teatro dell'Opera, English National Opera, Welsh National Opera, Scottish Opera, English Touring Opera and Oper der Stadt Koblenz.
New Zealanders in the cast include Rodney Macann as the Speaker; and three up and coming opera performers, Kate Spence, Morag Atchison and Aivale Cole as the Three Ladies. Two former PricewaterhouseCoopers Dame Malvina Major Emerging Artists perform key roles: Carla Parry sings Papagena and Phillip Rhodes sings Monostatos - a character whose surprisingly coloured appearance has won a lot of attention during earlier stagings of this production.
The NZI Winter Season of Mozart's The Magic Flute is at the Westpac St James Theatre, Wellington from 17-24 June; and at the Aotea Centre, The Edge, Auckland from 6-15 July.


ENDNOTE: Opportunities to get creative in Wellington

Wellington Arts Centre Term 2 Community Arts Courses, Workshops, Group Meetings, Exhibitions, and More. To book your place, or to obtain further information, please contact the tutor, organiser, or club listed for the activity.

Term 2 Arts Centre Courses, Workshops and Events

Groups, Societies and Monthly Events

Acoustic Routes
Acoustic Routes is a club for people who enjoy performing and listening to a wide range of music with the emphasis on acoustic styles.
Club Night: This monthly gathering consists of attendees who wish to lead songs or play instruments. Second Sunday of every month at 8pm, entry $5.
Monthly concert: Featuring a special performance by a noted local or visiting musician or group. Fourth Sunday of each month at 8pm,door charges $7 for club members and $10 for non-members (school aged children free).
For more information and to check out artists and special events
For further details phone Gerard Hudson 477 3415.

Film Night at the Arts Centre
Local film and meida artists are invited to screen their films, videos, and work-in-progress for an audience hungry for new and bold visual communication. Dicover short films by cutting-edge Wellington artists, interesting documentaries, experimental works, and everything in between.
Film nights are in the gallery, scheduled between art exhibitions.
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Entry: gold coin
For more information phone 385 1929

Storytellers Cafe
The art of storytelling is the name of the game for this Arts Centre group. Members meet monthly to present and discuss their craft, often with special guests. Get to the heart of the story with this lively and diverse opportunity.
Date: First Tuesday of each month
Time: 7:30pm to 9pm
Entry: $5.
For more information phone Mary Alice Arthur (381-3307 or mob 021-687-627)

Wellington Photographic Society
The Wellington Photographic Society, through regular workshops and seminars, encourages practical use of your camera whether it is a cheap "point and shoot" or the latest technological marvel. Monthly meetings provide plenty of motivation and stimulation, as well as practical information on how to improve your photography. WPS also organises social activities, outings and other special occasions. Members range from beginners to experienced amateurs and professionals. The only requirement for membership is a desire to learn about and appreciate the art and science of photography.
Dates: meetings are 7:30pm-9:30pm on the second Tuesday and fourth Monday of each month. All are welcome.
For further information phone George Sutton (476 9227) or see

Gallery Exhibitions

Anne Hutton
9-18 April
Fantastic Figures: an exhibition of recent figure paintings by Anne Hutton - voluptuous, colourful and collectable.

William Hedley
20-30 April
The Last Archipelago: an installation of recent work by local art raconteur.

Frankie Rouse
2-20 May
Photographic Practice: an exploration into the working methods of 5 New Zealand photographers.

Andrew Ginther
23 May-12 June
Fragments of the real self: exhibition by local artist exploring another world through photographic composition.

Sarah Thomas + Karina Rossiter
22 June-5 July
Viewpoint: an interactive exhibition that will explore how maps use selective information to communicate and define both cities and landscapes.

Gallery hours: 10am-7pm weekdays,
Saturday 10am-4pm

Visual arts

Art Forgery for fun
Create a masterpiece or two and learn all about techniques, history and the enjoyment of forging art for fun and learning - not profit.
Eight week course starts Thursday 4 May
Time: 7.45pm-9.15pm
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Coloured pencil drawing - one day workshop
"I can't believe that's coloured pencil." This clean, non-toxic and versatile medium can achieve a painterly quality similar to oil, watercolour and pastel. It has gained worldwide popularity with many artists. The workshop is for both new and experienced artists and will focus on drawing and techniques using coloured pencils. It is ideal for botanicals, landscapes, portraits and animal studies.
Cost: $80 / $70 PTL
Tutor: Garth Satterthwaite (phone 232 4444)

Creative Abstract Art
This course explores the many techniques and ideas that are combined to create visual abstract art. We'll look at the techniques and processes involved. A great course to get you into the thinking process of creating art that is unique.
Eight week course starts Tuesday 2 May
Time: 10am-11.30am or 7.45pm-9.15pm
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Creative Expression - Weekend Workshop
This course explores the many techniques and ideas that are combined to create visual abstract art. We'll look at techniques and processes involved. A great course to get you into "the thinking process" of creating art that is unique.
Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May
Cost: $220 / $198 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Everyone can learn to draw
Everyone can learn to draw using techniques that access the right side of the brain. Your perceptual right side has all the requirements for learning the fundamentals of drawing. Come along to this informative and inspiring course by Kimbra Taylor, a qualified and experienced artist/tutor. Learn to draw in a non-judgmental and relaxed environment.
Course starts 27 April
Thursdays 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Cost: 10 weeks $200
Tutor: Kimbra Taylor (04 902 1656 or email kimbra.taylor@bigfoot.com)

Funky fabrics
Learn to use a variety of craft materials to funk up existing items of clothing or soft furnishings with contemporary decorative techniques. An introduction to fabric choices and colour will lead to directed experimentation with simple hands-on processes. Needle and thread experience is not essential. Step by step instructions are given by an experienced art and design tutor. Some materials are provided.
Two day workshop
Saturday 22 and 29 April
Time: 10am-4pm
Cost: $150
Tutor: Stella Robertson (mob 021 0234 6834 or email stellarobertson13@yahoo.com)

Learn to draw
A course that has a reputation for getting results. Drawing is the foundation for all art forms as it trains you to see. This popular and comprehensive course builds confidence, skills and know-how to get you drawing. For complete beginners wishing to explore
their artistic side.
Eight week course starts Wed 3 May
10am-11.30am or
Thurs 4 May 6pm-7.30pm
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Learn to draw - one day workshop
Saturday 6 May
Cost: $110 / $95 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Life drawing
Just turn up. The casual life drawing group meets weekly. Drawing from the human form is with a model and self-guided. Participants bring their own art supplies and morning tea is provided.
Monday 10am-noon
Cost: $7 / $6 PTL
No booking required just turn up
Location: Workshop 2, Arts Centre East Building

Life drawing - two day workshop
Come along to this inspiring and informative workshop run by Kimbra Taylor, an experienced, qualified tutor. Learn techniques that access the right mode of your brain which is ideally equipped for drawing. There will be direction and opportunities to follow your creative impulse in a relaxed environment.
Date: Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May
Cost: $180.00
Limited spaces
Tutor: Kimbra Taylor (phone 04-902 1656 or email kimbra.taylor@bigfoot.com)

Modelling from life
A class for beginners to more advanced students to develop skills in modelling clay, using the body as a subject for art. Sculpture and students' ideas will be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere. Bring a piece of "no fire" clay (from Gordon Harris/Archibald's etc), plastic bag, clay modelling tool and a sheet of thick plastic to work on. Be prepared to have fun.
Saturday 22 April,
Cost: $110/$100 PTL
Tutor: James Waugh (phone 479 3029 or mob 027 472 0021)

Open studio workshop
Designed for people who have done art courses or who have worked on their own. This course is for those who have ideas but lack space, time and sometimes motivation. A chance to bring along concepts or have projects set, and to work at your own pace in a supportive and creative environment. An experienced tutor will be on hand to assist with ideas, motivation, suggestions and techniques.
Starts: Wed 3 May
7.45pm-9.15pm or
Fri 5 May 10am-11.30am
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Painting portraits
Learn great techniques to produce a great portrait. The course will cover colour mixing, expressive use of colour and blending applications. Some previous drawing andpainting experience would be helpful to get the most out of this course.
Starts: Thursday 4 May
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Starting in acrylics
This introductory stimulating course will get you started with using acrylics. Learn all about painting styles, techniques, layering, blending and colour. This fun course will show you many possibilities while giving you motivation.
Starts Tuesday 2 May
1pm-2.30pm or 6pm-7.30pm
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Starting in acrylics - one day workshop
This introductory stimulating course will get you started with using acrylics. Learn all about painting styles, techniques, layering, blending and colour. This fun course will show you many possibilities while giving you motivation.
Saturday 10 June
Cost: $110 / $95 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Tutored life drawing
Improve your drawing skills with an experienced tutor whose portraits and figure drawings are renowned. You will be encouraged to draw the human form as you see it in a natural, accurate and uncomplicated way using traditional and modern techniques with various drawing materials. A course for both experienced and inexperienced figure artists. Individual attention is given
by the tutor.
Mondays 6pm-7:30pm
Cost: Eight sessions $140/ $115 PTL
Tutor: Garth Satterthwaite (phone 232 4444)

Works on canvas
This course will give the ins and outs of how to paint using acrylics on canvas. Learn about the creative processes, visual research, layering, composition, technique and colour uses. It's a fun course producing finished works.
Starts Friday 5 May
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Works on canvas - one day workshop
This course will give the ins and outs of how to paint using acrylics on canvas. Learn about the creative processes, visual research, layering, composition, technique and colour uses. It's a fun course producing finished works.
Saturday 17 June
Cost: $110 / $95 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Fun Pinhole Photography Workshops for World Pinhole Day
World Pinhole Day this year is Sunday 30 April. Pinhole photography is the simplest and most fun kind of photography you can imagine. Anyone can give it a go and make their own fascinating camera from cardboard boxes, tins, red peppers(!!) or whatever takes your fancy. A pinhole camera is just any light-proof container with a tiny pinhole in the side - instead of a lens. You cover the pinhole, put a piece of photographic paper inside, and then go outside and take photographs that usually need exposure for a couple of minutes. Then in the darkroom you develop the images. We will upload your favourite pinhole photographs from the day to the WPD website www.pinholeday.org. * ALL CONSTRUCTION TOOLS AND DARKROOM CHEMICALS WILL BE PROVIDED. Please note you need no prior knowledge for this workshop - in fact total ignorance is an advantage as you are likely to be more imaginative!
Date: Sunday 30 April
If there is sufficient demand an additional workshop will be held on Saturday 22 April before WPD. This will give people the chance to build a number of cameras and then on WPD take their photos. They must be developed in a darkroom, so I will hold a darkroom session the following week to develop photographs for the online exhibition at www.pinholeday.org.gallery/.
Cost: $95 if you book and pay before 10 April, otherwise $105. Those participating in this longer workshop over two sessions will pay $115.
To book: phone Alastair McAra Photography (477 1215, mob 021 269 1127 or email alcara@paradise.net.nz)
Numbers are limited to six or seven participants so book now.

Dance, Performance and Movement

Adult pilates classes
Pilates combines a holistic blend of stretch and inner strength, balancing muscle lengths, aligning the spine and isolating specific areas. The focus is on the core muscles that flatten the abs, support the spine and increase global power through a stable gravitational centre. You're only as young as your spine. The tutor is experienced and qualified (Oxford/Cambridge, Pilates Certificates Pilates Institute London ex RNZB).
Wednesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm
$10 per lesson term fee or $15 per
casual class.
To book: phone Katie (476 3771, mob 021 146 9571 or email ahaawards@yahoo.co.nz)

Feldenkrais class
The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful tool that has helped thousands of people around the world since its development in the 1960s and later. It's used by athletes and performers, couch potatoes, the disabled and whoever wants to better understand how they function now, and who are curious about themselves and their potential in the future. Feldenkrais can:
* help you learn how to relieve back pain,
release shoulder and neck tension, free
up hip joints, rediscover your pelvis and
improve both your posture and actions
* help you break habitual cycles of pain
and teach new movement patterns that
restore stability and mobility
* help you achieve new goals in recreation
or work, from enjoying gardening again
to improving musical performance or just
plain getting a good night's sleep.

Monday lunchtimes 12.05pm-12.55pm
Wednesday 10.00am-10.55am
Cost: $10
Tutor: Rupert Watson MNZFG (phone 801 6610)

Kundalini yoga
A unique practice that incorporates breath, yoga postures, sound, chanting and meditation. It works on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. Kundalini Yoga allows us to experience our true nature and connect to our surroundings and the infinite. Contact the tutor for information about term 2 classes.
Mondays 9am-10am
Cost $12 / $10 for artists, students
and unwaged
Tutor: Tamsyn (phone 907 1077)

Tekno funk
TEKNO FUNK DANCE COMPANY 2006 present a Fresh, Funky and High NRG Dance work-out. T-Funk is a blend of Hip Hop, Tekno, Jazz and Funk Offering Kids, Teens and Adult classes + Performance Squad. Classes run through school holidays.
Classes are held Wednesdays.
Cost: $115-$135 per term
For class timetable and bookings phone Marina (021 071 3919 or email teknofunk@hotmail.com)

Voice and performance
This course is for those of you who want to try out your newly acquired voice and performance skills and/or your creativity in a performance context. Have fun devising with a group and learning skills from the performing arts to help you perform at your best. A structured group-devised piece will be performed to an audience at week 10 and will be videoed. You will learn techniques from a qualified and experienced practitioner who draws upon the methods of internationally renowned voice and performance artists and teachers, as well as the Pilates method, in a supportive and fun environment.

Voice one: intro to voice
This course is for presenters/performers or anyone who wants to develop confidence in using their voice more effectively. You will learn how the voice works, what to do, what not to do, and how to condition the voice for greater resonance, projection, expression and clearer speech. Course notes are provided.
Five weeks:
Monday 29 May to 3 Jul
Cost: $150 / $130 PTL
Tutor: Diane Radford (phone 385 2020, mob 021 237 9661 or email diane@voiceandperformance.co.nz)

Voice three: present your voice
This course is for presenters/performers who have completed voice course one and/or two (or similar training) and want to master their vocal techniques in an improvised and prepared performance context. Practice will include storytelling, impromptu speaking, improvisation, poetry, prose and/or dramatic extracts. You will present prepared work in week five.
Five weeks:
Monday 24 Apr to 22 May, 6pm-7.30pm
$150 per 5 week course or $130.00 (PTL Holder)
Tutor: Diane Radford (phone 385 2020, mob 021 237 9661 or email diane@voiceandperformance.co.nz)

Performance two: devised group performance
This course is for those of you who want to try out newly acquired voice and performance skills and/or your creativity in a performance context. Have fun devising with a group and learning skills from the performing arts to help you perform at your best. A structured group-devised piece will be performed to an audience at week 10 and will be videoed.
Ten weeks:
Mondays 24 Apr to 3 Jul, 7.30-9pm
$300 or $270.00 (PTL Holder)
Tutor: Diane Radford (phone 385 2929 mob 021 237 9661 or email diane@voiceandperformance.co.nz)

Children's Courses and Workshops

1st Gear Productions - Theatre Classes for young people
A chance to learn theatre and performance skills from experienced professional tutors and directors.
8-10 years Friday 3:30pm-4:30pm
11-12 years Thursday 4pm-5:30pm
13-14 years Tuesday 4:30pm-6pm
15-16 years Friday 4:30pm-6pm
17 years plus Friday 6pm-7:30pm
Cost: 10 x hourly sessions $100 / 10 x 1 hourly sessions $150
Tutors: Dayle Jones and Sarah Delahunty
To book and for further information phone Estelle (970 1545)

Creative minds 6-12 years
At Creative Minds art class, you can enjoy creating works of art, starting with the basics and moving at your own pace. Learn drawing, painting and 3-d techniques within a theme each term.
Fridays 28 April-23 June 3.30pm-4.45pm
Cost: Nine weeks $110/ $100 PTL
To book phone Leah Wynne (021 159 0782 or 387 2821, or email leahjet13@hotmail.com)

Creative minds 13-17 years
This class is available for 13 to 17 year olds to explore their creative techniques and improve their artistic skills. Work from a theme or on your own projects.
Fridays 28 April-23 June 5pm-6.45pm
Cost: Nine weeks $140/ $125 PTL
To book phone Leah Wynne (021 159 0782 or 387 2821, or email leahjet13@hotmail.com)

Jump 'n' Jive classes
Musical fun for pre-school children and babies. Classes include fun music and movement with parent/care-giver present.
10:00 am Musical fun for preschool children aged 2-4 years
10:45 am Musical tots and babies aged 18 months-2 years
11:30 am Musical babies for babies aged 6-18 months
Cost: $58.50 for 9 sessions.
To book email or phone Sarah (976 2754 or email jumpnjive@paradise.net.nz)

Mini-expressionists (3 -5yrs)
Art classes designed to enhance skills in art, explore mediums and leave room for personal expression. Limited numbers and an experienced tutor.
Starts Wed 3 May 1pm-1.45pm
Cost: $150 / $135 PTL
Tutor: Stephanie Woodman (phone 388 9479, mob 0274 352 073 or email stefwoodman@xtra.co.nz)

Kids 'n' Art
A highly-qualified primary school teacher offers after-school art and active drama classes where the aim is to have fun, use fantasy, and learn and improve existing skills in a social, positive and happy environment. Explore art and art history in a fun, relaxed and educational way. The interactive activities could include:
Painting: learn about colours using acrylic and/or water colours in theme based paintings
Making collages: create and design your own idol poster and learn decoupage
Architecture: make your own house inspired by Gaudí - using your fantasy and creativity
Drawing: learn how to draw people and animals in an impressionist and expressionist way. Make your own cartoon and do fun drawing exercises
Active drama: learn to cooperate, build confidence, concentrate and act in an entertaining way using active drama activities combined with fun games. The classes include various amusing drama exercises where mind, fantasy, creativity and body will be involved and activated.
Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm
Monday, Tuesday Art for 6-8 years
Wednesday Art for 9-10 years
Thursday Drama for 7-10 years
Cost: $25 per casual two-hour session / $21 per session for eight two-hour sessions including materials, a little snack and a drink.
To book and for further information phone Karen Carey (mob 021 215 3760 or home 528 4301)

Easter School Holiday Programme

Four days of full-on fun for 7 to 11 year olds. Learn dance with Tekno Funks' Marina Hiroki. Become an actor with Dayle Lee Jones and get a creative mind with art tutor Leah Wynne.
9am to 3pm Tuesday 18 - Friday 21 April
Cost: $140.
To book phone 385 1929. Bookings close 14 April. Limited places available so get in quickly.

Sing a Song Music Academy

Write, record and perform your own songs.
We are waiting for you to join one of our choirs or composition classes. Train under the direction of Sharon Thorburn, an internationally experienced, fully registered teacher who is an award winning composer. We offer:
* Weekly fun, non-auditioned training choirs and composition workshops
* International auditioned choir
* "Boys Can Sing" choir
* Adult fun choir
* A-cappella auditioned groups.
Rehearsals and workshops are held weekly. To book and for further information email sthorburn@orcon.net.nz or phone 475 5040.

Tekno funk
present a Fresh, Funky and High NRG Dance work-out. T-Funk is a blend of Hip Hop, Tekno, Jazz and Funk Offering Kids, Teens and Adult classes and Performance Squad. Classes run
through school holidays and are held Wednesdays.
Cost: $115-$135 per term
For class timetable and bookings phone Marina (021 071 3919 or email teknofunk@hotmail.com)

Wellington Arts Centre General Information

Address: 61-69 Abel Smith Street, Wellington
Phone: 385 1929
Fax: 385 3987
Email: artscentre@wcc.govt.nz

Arts Programmes & Services Manager: Eric Holowacz
Phone: 385 1904
Email: arts@wcc.gvot.nz

The Arts Centre was formally opened in July 2005, after two years of research and consultation with Wellington's creative community. The 3,000sqm facility comprises two buildings linked by a walkway on the first floor. The east building houses the reception desk, gallery, teaching
workshops, community room, music studios, photography darkroom, and the Arts programmes & Serfvices office. The west building includes the Back Room and Upper Chamber (two performance rehearsal spaces) as well as the headquarters for DANZ, Taki Rua Theatre,NZ Globe Shakespeare, and the Fringe Festival.

The Arts Centre reception desk is staffed
Weekdays 9am-8pm
Saturday 10am-4pm