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The No. 8 Wire - Issue 14

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Marcel Baaijens at Art Compass, has been coordinating the “Coming of Age” conference, which opens in Wellington this week and includes three free films for the general public. Everyone, and I mean everyone on the No. 8 Wire should be there to see these three documentary films about the arts, abilities and disabilities. They will be screened together, for free, at the Michael Fowler Centre, beginning at 5:30pm tomorrow…

Arthur Bradford’s film is the most incredible road trip movie you will ever see. It’s a look at American culture and society, unlike any other. The stars are five adults with intellectual disabilities, whom Bradford had met while teaching video-making at Camp Jabberwocky (a summer camp for kids and adults with intellectual and physical handicaps). Together, they travel across America as street reporters looking for “news”, asking people questions on camera, causing a scene from Nashville to Las Vegas to Venice Beach, and giving us a humorous, touching, powerful look at the world. Never exploiting the band of intrepid roving reporters, Bradford’s film is more about revelation, discovery, curiosity, and that often elusive quality we call humanity.

How's Your News? runs for 82 minutes, and extensive reviews, photos, and information are posted on the film’s website

Award winning 'This Drawing Looks Intelligent' is a half-hour film by New Zealander Marcel Baaijens. It shows what is possible if artists with intellectual disabilities are given a chance to explore their creative potential.

'Something to Do' is a half-hour film by emerging film-maker Luke Savage. It gives us further insight into the mind and lives of artists with disabilities.

The documentaries will be screened for free at the Michael Fowler
Centre this Thursday 23 September at 5:30 pm. The triple screening is complemented by the 'We Mean Business' art exhibition, on view in the Michael Fowler Centre lobby, 22-24 September. The films and exhibition are all part of the 'Coming of Age' conference, and are sponsored by Art Compass Studio-Gallery in Wellington. For more information call Marcel Baaijens 021-1770.181 or see the conference website

The Coming of Age conference explores futures for young disabled people and their families, and brings together theoretical principles, practical knowledge and lived experience. The event seeks to promote a greater understanding of what might be possible in the development of dynamic futures for young disabled people and their families in New Zealand. The conference will be essential for all people committed to advancing the social value and personal aspirations of disabled people.



The Wellington International Jazz Festival, version 8, is about to break out all over the place, and the official programme will hit the streets later this week. Reserve your Labour Weekend for a Massive Music Marathon, and all the other great jazz events from October 15 through 30. The programme includes Sunday afternoon concerts (October 17 and 24) in Frank Kitts Park, Big Band Lunch Breaks on Wednesdays (October 20 and 27) in Civic Square, and Saturday Jazz with Zirkus Big band and The Dixie Dudes at Te Papa (October 23). Wellington: Music in Tune, a recent documentary by Paris-based film-maker Simone Audissou will screen at Te Papa’s Soundings Theatre on Saturday, October 23 at 2:30pm. The new Film Archive Mediaplex is also planning a series of free jazz-related films for Monday, October 25. And grab an instrument and bring the little ones to the Jazz Family jam, a fun event for all ages, where music-makers can play along and improvise at Te Papa’s Marae (Sunday, October 24 at 1pm). And that doesn’t even touch on the main stage programming and concerts at Happy. Pick up the brochure, then pick your favourite events, and make late October the season of Jazz. Call the festival on 04-385-9602 or send email to to request a programme.



A word about the Meisner Technique from instructor Barbara Woods…

This year several of my actors have been involved in productions that have garnered them rave reviews. Real; human; emotional truth; connection; not to mention, confidence & commitment were just some of the comments made about their performance. No tricks! No intellectual acting! No pretension! These actors, by investing themselves in a course that challenged them, encouraged their truthful exploration and self-discovery, gave them trust and faith in their abilities, courage to take risks in their careers, performances and to continue following their dreams. And they haven’t even finished the program yet! What would you achieve if you made the same kind of investment in yourself? Get out from behind your limitations, find and trust in your instinctive, creative instrument and aim for the creative and performance driven career you really want.

New Meisner Class starting 1st Sept - 30th May, Monday's 6pm-9pm @ The film School, Level 2, 4-8 Oxford Terrace, Newtwon. $225 per 9 week term.

Warning: The Technique and these classes are challenging and fun. Only call if you have courage and a sense of humour. Contact Barbara Woods on (027) 548 7053 or to find out more info or receive the great reviews my actors have earned this year.


New Zealand Premiere at Bats Theatre 1st – 16th October

“In the passion to create something out of myself, was I
too made creative only by Hitler?” – Albert Speer

Albert Speer is a finely crafted epic play that explores the relationship between personal stories and history – and is having its New Zealand premiere at Bats Theatre from the 1st of October. David Edgar, one of Britain’s leading playwrights wrote Albert Speer for the National Theatre in London – and was premiered in 2000 as an acclaimed production.

This must see play is based on Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth by Gitta Sereny, a best-selling biography that delves deeply into some of the greatest mysteries of the Nazi period. How did Speer, a highly intelligent, talented young architect become such close friends with Hitler, and how could he claim at the Nuremberg trials that he knew nothing about the massacre of the Jews? The play is both a fantastic story and a deep examination of the human psyche.

Albert Speer ricochets through fifty years of history, from the Nuremberg rallies to the Nuremberg trials, from Berlin to the Ukraine, from the bleakness of Spandau Prison to the glamour of post-war publishers’ parties.

Director David O’Donnell (nominated as best director at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards for The Sojourns of Boy (1999) and Irish Annals of Aotearoa (2001)) is staging Albert Speer in epic fashion. Paul McLaughlin (recently seen at Circa starring in Speed the Plough and Cloud Nine) plays Speer with one of the largest and most impressive ensembles to be seen in Wellington for some time, including Bill Walker as Hitler. Their dynamic presence co-ordinated with the thrilling design of Martyn Roberts will present a refreshing twist to the apocalyptic imagery of World War II and its aftermath.

Performances: 1st – 16th October 7.30pm, Sunday shows 6pm,
2pm matinee on Saturday the 9th (no shows Mondays).

BATS Theatre
1 Kent Terrace
bookings 802 4175
office 802 4176



Shifting (directed by Leo Gene Peters) was devised using scientific research, contemporary choreography, pagan altars, graffiti and the cast's personal dating mishaps and is the brainchild of a co-operative of actors, directors, dancers and crew from the USA, NZ and South Africa. It uses 5,298 cardboard boxes to create a four metre tall wall, a university lecture theatre, a biochemistry lab, a gay bar and the lounge of your average scummy student flat. Shifting is Gene's major project in his Masters degree at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School and Victoria University.

When: 8pm, Fri 24 Sept - Tues 5 Oct (no show Mon 27 Sept)
Where: Te Whaea Basement, 11 Hutchison Road, Newtown
Cost: $12/$10 (book on 389 9056 - automated line)



Wednesday 22nd September at 10pm
The Dodecahedrons
The wildly anticipated return of Aotearoa’s finest New Music ensemble. Having just perfomed with the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop and the Scribes of Ra, the Dodecahedrons are quickly finding themselves in Wellington’s spotlights. Featuring Jeff Henderson (reeds), Anthony Donaldson (percussion), Maree Thom (accordion), Tom Callwood (bass) and Jonny Marks (synthesiser).

Thursday 23rd September at 10pm
The Jonathan Crayford Trio
Our man on the ole piano.

Friday 24th September at 10pm
Essential Phatty Acids with D Fruit
Essential Phatty Acids play original funk and reggae music in the style of 1970s artists like James Brown, the Whalers, Sly & the familly Stone etc. The 8 member band is lead by a rap vocalist/drummer and includes a female vocalist (Jazz influenced), trombonist (German), tenor saxophonist, alto saxophonist, keyboardist (1973 Fender Rhodes), guitarist (Hawaii five-o-styles), and bassist.
Essential Phatty Acids have a strong emphasis on rhythm and improvisation in ways that can be compared to The Hairy Lollies, Trinity Roots and Fat Freddies.
Lately they have played with Rhombus at the Jackson Street Fiesta; the Cuba Street Carnival parade (but rain stopped play thru fear of electrocution).
Members of the band include a graduate of the Canterbury University Music School; students of the Wellington Jazz School; a guitar teacher; and a musician who played with Crowded House’s Neil Finn, and Weave – 2001 winners of the VUSA battle of the bands.

Saturday 25th September at 10pm
The Elephant Men with Orb 3
This from the September issue of Secret City: “The Elephant Men are no ordinary band. They are out there in the hinterland, lurking roun’ the fringes of rock and jazz; and they defnittly gone a bit feral. They’re hairy but they’re top musicians; they can play the shit outta their axes and they got no shortage opf chops. But don’t be afraid – this ain’t no lame fusion thing. These boys play with all the fire of post-rock’s extreme-noise-terror, the angular sonic ebullience of the greatest New York 1978 No Wave outfits, and the funk of a broke-ass steamroller . . . and to this mélange add the vocals of Chris Palmer, who sings like a fallen angel half way through a bottle of tequila. But crucially, they’s doin’ it with the improvising grace of three guys talking their very own peculiar language. If you gonna start name-checkin’ then I gotta say equal parts Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica and Jeff Buckley or even Tim Buckley and then some freakish No Wave ensemble like DNA or the first Golden Paliminos LP. For my pick this is easily the best live band around at the moment and you don’t want to pass up a chance to see them hollerin’ live.” By Stephen Clover.

Tuesday 28th September at 10pm
The Perfect Machine
With Jeff Henderson, Rikki Gooch and David Long

Wednesday 29th September at 10pm
The Dodecahedrons
Aotearoa’s finest New Music ensemble

Coming up at Happy . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY!!! October 1st we’ll be celebrating our birthday in a grand style with music and fun! All are invited; No San Pedro with Mr Sterile (Oct 2nd); John White (Oct 8th), Marineville (Oct 9th); a Free Tibet Charity concert (Oct 13th); the Wellington International Jazz Festival 8 (Oct 15th – 30th); The Roots Foundation Birthday (Nov 5th).

Be there…
Cool corner of Vivian and Tory Streets
384 1965



1-Day workshop "Presence:
Date: Friday October 1 (10.00 – 16.00)
Venue: Thistle Hall, corner of Cuba & Arthur St.
Cost: $45.00
Presence is the ability to be sensually alive in the moment. This 1-day workshop will work on balancing the senses, extending the circle of presence and eliminating obstacles that get in the way of presence. Open for performers and non-performers.

1-Day workshop "Introduction to the Michael Chekhov acting methodology":
Date: Friday October 22 (10.00 – 16.00)
Venue: Thistle Hall, corner of Cuba & Arthur St.
Cost: $45.00
Michael Chekhov developed a psychophysical approach to acting that affords the actor access to resources that are based on the actor’s imagination and physical life. Qualities of being, archetypal gesture and creating atmosphere form the key concepts in this stimulating work. Participants need to know a short monologue by heart. Aimed at: directors, actors, singers and drama students & teachers.

Weekend workshop "The Extended Voice":
Date: Sat & Sun October 30 & 31 (10.00 – 16.00)
Venue: Te Whaea, 11 Hutchison St., Newtown
Cost: $150.00 / $100.00
The way we use our voice is the way we live our lives. Extended Voice training is based on the philosophy of the Roy Hart Theatre that there exists a voice in each of us, containing all the voices of the world: of beauty and of beast, of man and of woman. To liberate, explore and develop this voice the totality of being will be engaged: physically, vocally and imaginatively.

5-Day workshop "Devised Theatre":
Date: December 6 - 10 (10.00 – 17.00)
Venue: Tararua Tramping Club, Mt Vic, Wellington
Cost: $275.00 / $225.00 (early birds)

Top of Form
The devising process is one of the most thrilling and terrifying experiences that theatre has to offer. It forms the heart of any creative action as it leaps into the unknown. This 5-day workshop will offer a solid framework for the devising process and an introduction to a unique, innovative and highly effective methodology of devising with its relevant actors’ training. By working on a mini devised project the participants will apply the concepts and techniques in a supervised context. The workshop is directed at performers, directors, drama teachers and advanced students.

For more detailed information and enrollment:
Please pass on the news to anyone who might be interested!



Come along to the next meeting of multicultural art group Colourful Connections to find out how to submit work for two major Wellington City Council projects:

1. CrossOver, a multicultural exhibtion of Wellington's visual treasures: work for this exhibtion will be due in February 2005 but organisers need your application now! Come to the meeting to get an application form and discuss what kind of work to submit.

2. Drive By Art, an opportunity to have your painted artwork on banners around central Wellington. Come and find out about this colourful initiative from Recreation Wellington's Community Arts, who want to have a multicultural theme for their next collection of banners.

See you on the last Wednesday of the month - Wednesday 29 September (note NOT this Wed, 22nd), 7.30pm, Capital E, Civi Square. We look forward to seeing old friends and new!

For more information about Colourful Connections, contact Lucy Moore



Leaving the Underworld
Season: Wednesday 15 - Saturday 25 September
Time: 7pm
Tickets: $15 full $12 concession

'Leaving the Underworld' is a devised performance exploring identity in New Zealand¹s immigrant culture, and draws on the talents of its creator and performer Truelove, award-winning choreographer Louise Potiki-Bryant, well-known actor/director Nancy Brunning, and Naked Samoan Jerome Leota.

Truelove hopes to take Pacific Island theatre into a new direction, saying ³it was important for me to go back pre-colonisation and explore storytelling in a way my ancestors might have. People can come to think myths aren¹t relevant to their lives, subsequently I don¹t know what my culture is so I have to write modern-day myths to find out who I am.²

Truelove believes that it is this very water that appears to divide us that actually draws us all together. “New Zealanders are all Pacific Islanders, we are a Pacific Island nation and need to define our own stories.”

"Fiona Truelove created, wrote, produced and performed this remarkable play and has done a superb job on all counts. She is a joy to watch on stage, exquisitely expressive in every way. Jerome Leota is every bit her equal as a performer, as he seamlessly transforms from the heavy-handed, heavy-hearted mother to the Eel God to a live percussive musician...Enhancing the production from start to finish is Jo Bunce¹s striking lighting design, showing just what can be done with a square box theatre with a lot of imagination. " - Lynn Freeman (Capital Times, National Radio)

Fiona Truelove rewrites myth from the perspective of a New Zealand-born Tongan-Irish woman in Leaving the Underworld, on at BATS until Saturday.

BOOK NOW for any performance - simply reply to this email with your name, number of tickets and date you wish to attend. We will reply to confirm your booking and you can pay when you come to the show.

BATS Theatre
1 Kent Terrace
bookings 802 4175
office 802 4176







MY REAL LIFE & MY FALSE STARTS: JULIAN NOVITZ and KATE DUIGNAN Stout Research Centre, 24 September, 1 pm

A chance to check the progress of two of the country's leading young fiction writers. Kate Duignan, author of the acclaimed novel Breakwater, is currently Burns Fellow at Otago University. Julian Novitz was picked as 'definitely one to watch' by the reviewers when his first book of stories My Real Life appeared earlier this year. They present readings and discuss the notoriously 'difficult second book' with Damien Wilkins.

All Writers on Fridays sessions are open to the public and free of charge. No booking or rsvp required. Hosted by: INTERNATIONAL Institute of Modern Letters and the Stout Research Centre, Victoria University.



1) Salsadrome and Tango Bar this Friday , September 24th

7:30 Tango Lesson by special Guest teachers Ricardo and Karyn.
8:30-8:45 Salsa Lesson. By Salsa Magic.
Regular Salsadrome DJS Fiesta and Salvaje
Salsa in Studio 1 till late
Tango in Studio 2 with DJ Ricardo
Wellington Performing Arts Centre
36 Vivian St

The Salsadrome and Tango Bar, two studios, Tango and Salsa, room to move and groove
$8 gets you in

2) Salsadrome Showcase in a suitcase: Cuban Styles Latin Dance Party on October 8th at 8:30pm.

Live Latin music from two hot Latin bands:'Salsa' from Orquesta Salvaje and 'Son' from Calle Cuba. Tango, Salsa Rueda demos and a special guest from 'el Barrio del Chino: Maestra Shi Mei Lin.'
Wellington performing Arts Centre
A reserve $15, B reserve $12; Numbers limmited, book soon, Tickets on sale at the Salsadrome this Friday. Seats guaranteed for A reserve. Heaps of room for dancing as well.

8:30 short Tango Argentino performance
8:35 Calle Cuba and dancing.
9:30 Rueda: Salsa Magic.
9:35 Maestra Shi Mei Lin (International Gold medalist in Wushu)
9:40 Rumberas y Rumberos...with live rumba music.
9:40 Orquesta Salvaje & dancing.
11:30 pm onwards DJ Zebrita.
1:00am fin.

3) Spring Tango Ball on Sunday 19th October

For the post EVITA experience, come and show Wellington how the Tango is done at this elegant venue. A rare opportunity to take over the St James and Tango into the night. If you've seen tango and now want to try it out, here’s the chance. So come along, dress to impress, enjoy the St James' fantastic dance floor, great cocktails, and cut the rug all night long. With classic tangos from DJ Frio and other guest DJs. Tango with a little swing and salsa/bossa nova breaks. Is will be happening.

Sunday 19th October
$10 gets you in the door















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