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The No.8 Wire - Issue 9

Filed on 16 July 2004
An Electronic Alert for 357 of Wellington's Creative People


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The exits are behind you, and toilets are just through that hallway. In case of emergency, scream and confer with your closest neighbour. 

And, in honour of poetry day, and with a tip of the tam o' shanter to this week's Word Festival, this No.8 Wire begins with a quote about the written, crafted word...and ends with a new New Zealand Poem.

Add a poem, or special words, to all your email, tomorrow, and the day after...

"Poetry is no more a narcotic than a stimulant; it is a universal bittersweet mixture for all possible household emergencies and its action varies accordingly as it is taken in a wineglass or a tablespoon, inhaled, gargled or rubbed on the chest by hard fingers covered with rings." -Robert Graves



At long last, Drive by Art has hit the streets. From this week on, almost 50 new works of art by Wellington painters can be seen flying high over the CBD and main thoroughfares. Part public art and part community art, this project began one year ago by inviting local teachers and students to paint whatever they wanted on vinyl street banners. Artists, illustrators, and creative groups were then invited to participate, and over 50 generously agreed to make an original work for Drive by Art. By August 2004, in time for New Zealand Conservation Week, 30 additional banners -- created by schools and based on local environmental themes -- will line Oriental Parade. Soon, Wellington's urban landscape will feature over 100 original paintings and a bold new art gallery on the street.

A debt of gratitude is owed to Wellington's creative community -- to everyone who said yes to this idea and then helped make their mark on the City. Thanks also to Flagmakers, Resene, and the New Zealand Community Trust, who made it incredibly easy to develop and execute.

Organisers are planning a special get-together, and all Drive by Art participants will be notified with more details. The website (see below) will also be expanded to include profiles on participating artists and contact information for the public. Schools and artists who would like to participate in Drive by Art, need only call 385-1929 or for more information.




The Incubator invites all performing artists to become involved in its August 1st show. Choreographers, actors, writers, directors, musicians, word-meisters, dancers, performing artists of all types. If you are keen to be proactive in your career, why not participate? Don't let your skills go to waste, keep those creative juices flowing by using them regularly.

The Incubator is a place for you to show your work to an appreciative audience in an informal setting. It does not have to be incredibly polished, or a finished product. It can even be an idea you've been thinking about for ages, but never had the opportunity to try. It's your chance to try out new material on a keen audience. Or even a chance to provide a 'taster' of your upcoming show.

The Incubator operates at Thistle hall exhibition space on Cuba Street, a 40+ seat venue with polished wooden floors that is suitable for dance works. Dressing room/backstage space is available. The space will be available 2 1/2 hours before the show starts for rehearsal. We also have contacts with incredibly cheap rehearsal space.

Previous participants in The Incubator include STRIKE, NZ School of Dance, the Word Collective and When Sun and Moon Collide. We have had items ranging from new choreography, stand-up, improv, new dramatic writing, musicals, devised work, performance poetry, circus acts and original compositions.

The next Incubator is Sunday August 1, 6.30pm. Audience entry is via koha. We have some spaces left for performance. If you are interested, feel free to call Angela on 3800349 or email

Angela Green
The Incubator
021 149 3355




A benefit concert for the family of Ahmed Zaoui will be held in Wellington, Sunday 1st August at the Opera House. Leading musicians and performers have offered their services free to make The Zaoui Concert a reality. Sir Paul Reeves will address this unique event.

The concert is hosted by Wellington Artists' Charitable Trust (WACT), and supported by Amnesty International, the Human Rights Foundation and Radio Active.

Leading New Zealand musicians and comedians are contributing to this event. They include Goldenhorse, Rhombus, The Beatgirls, Jeff Henderson with Richard Nunns and Sally Rodwell, Alphabet Head and the Accelerants. Comedians Taika Cohen, Jo Randerson and Gentiane Lupi will also perform, and Sir Paul Reeves and Ahmed Zaoui's lawyer, Deborah Manning, will give brief addresses. The concert will be hosted by well-known actors Jeremy Randerson and Adam Gardiner.

The concert takes place on the one-year anniversary of the Refugee Status Appeals Authority decision that declared elected Algerian MP, Ahmed Zaoui, to be a genuine refugee. "The Zaoui family are currently in hiding in Asia," says event organiser Melanie Hamilton. "That's mainly because Mr Zaoui, the family breadwinner, has been held without charge in a New Zealand prison for some nineteen months now, with no end in sight to his detention. We wanted to give the people of Wellington a chance to help the Zaoui family in a tangible way, as a gesture of compensation for the suffering they have faced due to the actions of the New Zealand government."

"The concert is also one way that people can join together and celebrate human rights while enjoying a wide-range of New Zealand music. New Zealand artists want to speak up and comment on human rights in New Zealand; this concert is one way of making that happen, and it is significant that it occurs on the anniversary of the RSAA decision," says Hamilton.

"The Zaoui case has shown us how readily some of our basic human rights can be brushed aside, " says Hamilton, " in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. In that sense, The Zaoui Concert provides an occasion for us to stand up and support everyone's right to fair and compassionate treatment before the law."

The Zaoui Concert will be a unique event. It provides an opportunity for people to join together and celebrate human rights, and the event will showcase some of New Zealand's leading musicians and comedians. Benefit concerts are now an uncommon event, and it is significant that so many of New Zealand's leading performers are willing to lend their time for free and take a stand on this issue.

The Zaoui Concert
The Opera House, Wellington
Sunday August 1st, 7pm.
Tickets: $25 / $12.50 from Ticketek, ph 04 384 3840.
Supported by Amnesty International, Radio Active and the Human Rights Foundation.

For further information, interviews and images, please contact Melanie Hamilton. PH: 021 711 191



Just a quick reminder of the opening tonight, 5pm-7pm - Raoul Island as seen by Julia Brooke-White and Deborah Anne Hall.

Please go to for exhibition details and artists' statements.

Photospace studio/gallery
1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place
Gallery hours: 10-4.30 Monday-Friday
11-3 Saturdays, closed public holidays



By Miranda Parkes
July 21-August 6
Opening Celebration July 20 6pm
Artist's talk July 21 6pm
Enjoy presents a painting show, Hullbreach by Christchurch artist Miranda Parkes. The work references painting's history, subverting some of its conventions. An old plastic bag stands in for the painted surface in one work, others traverse their expected boundary and droop onto the floor. The paintings look like formalist abstractions that have collapsed or been interrupted.

Parkes has an irreverent attitude towards her paintings, for as many are destroyed as are created. Enjoy presents some survivors.

Enjoy Public Art Gallery
Level one, 174 Cuba St
Ph 04 384 0174



The cinematic arts are everywhere in Wellington these days -- thanks to the ambitious programming of the New Zealand Film Festival. And moveigoers couldn't be happier.

Film, at its essence, is story-telling: part of that magical tradition that begins ten thousand years ago with the shaman explaining the markings on a cave wall. It is related to the telling of culture, as attempted through Greek goat-songs, Mystery plays, Vaudeville song and dance, Charlie Chaplin silent movies, Disney animation, never-ending soap operas, popular BBC shows, Shortland Street, and even the mighty King Kong.

With cinema, the telling can be bold, subtle, powerful, disturbing, educational, funny, sad, historical, or as strangely interesting as a portable toilet that sounds like a donkey. You'll find most of these qualities somewhere within the Wellington/New Zealand Film Festival. And you'll find all the details at

As for the braying port-a-loo, get thee to the City Gallery...before the Prospect Exhibition comes to a close, and they start exporting the donkey in a dunny to the Doge's Palace…or check out



Homegrown is the dynamic Kiwi short film programme of the New Zealand International Film Festival 2004.
Always a stand-out feature, the three diverse programmes which comprise of Homegrown - film, video and documentary offer a dynamic platform for up-and-coming and established filmmakers to present their work at the highest level of film festival exhibition in this country.

This year's programme features an eclectic mix of films: internationally acclaimed 35mm works that have travelled to Cannes and Sundance, cross-cultural flavours, dance, animation and documentary. Highlights include: David Rittey's Closer, Cannes Film Festival 2004 nominee; Generation, a masterpiece of animation based on a short poem and Figures of Speech, richly textured dance piece from prolific Dunedin based dance filmmaker, Daniel Belton. See what's coming up in Wellington at



Michael Hirschfeld Gallery
City Gallery Wellington, Civic Square

The Michael Hirschfeld Gallery is City Gallery Wellington's space dedicated to showing the work of Wellington-based artists and designers. There's such an exciting range of art and design happening in Wellington and it's great to have a public gallery where it can be showcased. Exhibitions in the Michael Hirschfeld Gallery last for one month so there is always something new to be seen. 

You can find out more about Wellington artists and designers who have featured in the Michael Hirschfeld Gallery by checking out the Hirschfeld Gallery Archive on the City Gallery website: This resource contains articles, interviews and images.

To find out more about what’s on at the Michael Hirschfeld Gallery, or to enquire about making a proposal contact:

Sarah Farrar
Hirschfeld Gallery Curator



The Michael Hirschfeld Gallery at City Gallery Wellington is delighted to present
Hat Trick!
Victoria Birkinshaw, Anne Noble and Andy Morley-Hall
10 July - 8 August 2004
Artists' talk
Free public talk: 5:30pm, Wednesday 21 July
City Gallery Wellington
Civic Square



Repeated from the last issue, here are the links to Wellington City Council's latest (arts) grant awards. A full list of Creative Communities grant awards is linked at the bottom of this webpage.

And for a summary of the recent round of Arts & Culture Grants, see

What's that, you say? You want to learn more about how to obtain funding to support your creative project, arts event, or professional development. Have a look here first, then contact the grants office listed there, or ring Eric on 385-1929



Saturday, July 17 will bring the end of Wellington's Word Festival (with the Wordform Art Exhibition remaining in Thistle hall through July 20). Run, don’t' walk, to the Cuba Street mainstay of new art, performance, and letters arranged in meaningful ways. Plan your arrival for the following times: 

10AM Word Market: A swap meet for ideas, where local self published poets and ‘Zine makers can buy sell or swap their wares. This is a chance to network and meet like minded artists. There will be open mike opportunities throughout the Word market. Stall holders welcome

7PM Word Feast: A celebratory last night party with the best of the fest performers, and guest bands. A chance to let off some steam, and a second chance to see the artists who rocked the festival.



Wellington's Museum of City and Sea continues its historical exhibition of 'Living Treasures', all about people who have contributed to our sense of culture and our sense of place. Dance pioneer Deirdre Tarrant is include, and will be giving a talk next week. You are invited...

Wednesday 21 July 1.05pm
A talk by Deirdre Tarrant, choreographer, founder Footnote Dance and participant in Living Treasure. Introduced by Sue Paterson, General Manager, Royal New Zealand Ballet.



Friday 23 July
1 - 2pm, Stout Centre for New Zealand Studies, 12 Waiteata Road

2003 IIML Scriptwriting MA graduate Peter Cox is the brains behind The Insiders Guide to Happiness, currently screening on Thursday nights on TV2 and recently named by Listener critic Diana Wichtel as one of the three 'must watch' series on television, along with The Sopranos and State of Play. He joins co-writer Paula Boock and Gibson Group producer Donna Malane to discuss the ins and outs of getting this quirky series on screen.

All Writers on Fridays sessions are open to the public and free of charge. No booking or rsvp required.

Hosted by: IIML and The Stout Research Centre.



WACT (Wellington Artists' Charitable Trust) WACT is a collection of people that came together to support performing artists in Wellington. The most important thing was to create a space where artists could work alongside each other, collaborate and rehearse their work. The WACT studio has been operating for 18 months now and provides affordable office spaces for independent companies, and a rehearsal and presentation space for performing artists. The rehearsal room is the slightly bigger than BATS' stage. Floor plans are available. The founding trustees of WACT are all artists with a strong commitment to supporting independent, bold and risk-taking work. We hire out the rehearsal room cheaply ($5 + gst per hour) and offer it at the same rate for performances, showings, forums etc. We provide room for as many low-cost office spaces as we can, while maintaining a free and open-plan workspace. Office spaces are currently full. Over the past year WACT has grown and evolved, and we tried to make this transition as organic as possible. Now there are more people working out of WACT than the original Trustees, and WACT has become an informal place for many artists to meet. This is helped by its central location (opp. Te Papa). The WACT Trustees are: Jo Randerson, Melanie Hamilton, Adam Gardiner, Taika Cohen, Andrew Foster and Loren Horsley. The Trust acknowledges founding Trustee, Robrecht Ghesquière. Our contact details are: WACT: Level 1, 44 Cable St, Wgtn. PH: 04 385 0192 FAX 04 385 0198. Please call if you would like to view and/or book the rehearsal room.



Robert Bennett, the founder of New Zealand-based Mime International, offers regular workshops in mime. These are geared for anyone interested in having some fun and improving their life, stage and creative skills. Bennett has already started with hourly sessions at Ghuznee Health Associates. The cost minimal (under $10), and it's open to all. Ring Rupert at Ghuznee Health - 801 6610 - to find out when the next session is to be held.



New Zealand's first Affordable Art Show will take place in Wellington from August 13th to 15th, and Paul Forest will be painting on-site, as 'Artist in Residence'. Work by over 225 artists, from around the country, will also be on view and for sale. 

Forest, a Newtown-based painter, has asked the No. 8 Wire to include a link to his newly-engineered website
And we are happy to oblige. The artist can be contacted at
The Studio
146 Riddiford Street
Ph: (04) 9343409
Mobile: 025 477254

Check out the latest news on the New Zealand Affordable Art Show at



Sounz: The Centre for New Zealand Music, based here in Wellington, has begun a new email newsletter with all sorts of links and information about Kiwi composers, recordings, music education, and publishing. 

First, pay a visit to the organisation's website

Then call on the team at SOUNZ, Scilla, Emma and Lachlan, and get behind their efforts.

SOUNZ, Centre for NZ Music
PO Box 10042
Wellington, NZ
Phone: (+64 4) 801 8602
Fax:   (+64 4) 801 8604

Created in New Zealand, Heard Around the World!
Toi Te Puoru - tipua i Aotearoa, rangona e te ao!



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Be in the audience next weekend, when the play 'Skin Tight' returns to Wellington and Downstage Theatre. There's information about the revived production of Gary Henderson's physical, lyrical, passionate play at the below website. But all you really need to know, besides the haunting song of the magpie, there.



A Man Killed Quietly by a Cow, Orongorongo Station

Sleeping on the deadened corn,
That grows beside his hard, ploughed field,
A man awoke to find a cow
Walking there, within the grass, 
And then upon his noiseless chest.

There it stood, one passing cow
Upon the torso of the farm,
And softly killed him in the grass. 
Upon the firm, inhuman soil
It sunk the man in quiet clay.
A hoof broke through the ankle bone
And crackled as it ploughed the ribs.
This cow breathed down across his face
And brought its udder to the chest
Then walked  atop the breaking bones.

The man, alive but muted now,
looked up and raised a splintered wrist
To shake away the faithless cow.
The hooves, and teats, and bovine mass
Just lumbered on, and killed this man.

And when the dying there was done,
The beast and farmer stayed awhile.
Until the cow got up to eat
Tall grasses that are growing wild
Beside a rich and human field.



Send comments, questions, requests, etc

Eric Vaughn Holowacz
Community Arts Co-ordinator
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